I had Kimberly teach a session to a group of marketing executives at PepsiCo and they all raved that it was one of the best leadership trainings they had ever attended! Highly recommend Kimberly and OnStage Leadership!!!

– Linda Bethea, Senior Director of Marketing, PepsiCo

OnStage Leadership provides some really insightful ideas about leadership and vision. I actually thought this was even more useful for leaders who need help clarifying their mission and understanding what’s important to them and their followers – it’s not just “presentation skills” or “presence”.

– Matt Hoffman, VP People, Digital Ocean, OnStage Leadership NYC

I had the pleasure of connecting with Kimberly when she hosted a workshop for our brand leadership team. Within minutes of meeting us as a group, she reset our collective energy, commanded undivided attention (not easy!) and got right into the thick of the problems to be solved. Kimberly inspired us with her own authenticity, accessibility and contagious energy. She gave us permission to re-introduce ourselves with our own very mission statements, not only to guide our own journey of self discovery, but to create a clear roadmap for partnership and collaboration with our peers. Kimberly worked wonders with materials that were direct and truly broke through the noise to have a real conversation of team building and motivation. All with a big big smile!

– Lauren Cohen, Senior Brand Manager, PepsiCo

Kimberly is the real deal with real solutions. OnStage Leadership provide me with tangible tools to further my cause, my confidence, and my impact!

– Elyssa Barksdale, Director of Operations, Thiel & Thiel, Inc.

OnStage Leadership provides a great atmosphere where you can discover what truly motivates you at your core, and gives you the confidence to act on it.

– Joshua Maberry, Security Operations Lead, Experian

OnStage Leadership wil force you to take an entire day to think about yourself – who you are as a leader, what you stand for, and how to make the biggest impact on those around you. A truly transformational experience!

– Brandi Johnson, HR Business Partner, Essilor of America

A “professional” seminar/leadership attendee, this was refreshing. Kimberly unpacked authenticity to a new level. Established the value of connecting with people as a goal to yield amazing results that bring connection and life.

– Kim Vastine, Founder, Ambassador Alliance International

Kimberly’s approach to leadership training is refreshing, engaging and spot on. It has had a tremendous impact on me professionally and personally. OnStage Leadership provides such a unique learning experience and you can’t help but internalize it instantly. You feel the change immediately.

– Emine Fornelius, People & Culture Director, Wolff Olins, OnStage NYC

This was a very valuable leadership building experience. I most appreciate that it’s about taking skills you already have and improving them – rather than from building skills from scratch.

– Ali Harwell, Strategist, Redscout San Francisco

Just go through it – the results are tangible by the end of the day.

– Collin Wood, Senior Strategist, Redscout San Francisco

Hard work in ways you won’t expect, but you’ll leave feeling like a new you!

– Hope Thurman, Office Manager, Redscout San Francisco

Choose OnStage Leadership to find and hone who you are – way beyond your resume!

– Charlotte Baxter, Associate Strategist, Redscout San Francisco

OnStage was such a unique and amazing experience. It pushed me outside of my comfort zone, but I am leaving a stronger person.

– Nita Grubb, Associate Strategist, Redscout San Francisco

Be open and let go. It’s worth it!

– Enrique Barrios, Senior Designer, Redscout San Francisco

Put in the work. You’ll find something amazingly simple about the way you do “you”.

– Alex Cripe, Strategy Director, Redscout San Francisco

I came into OnStage Leadership with some reservations; very cautious. At the end I was very grateful for the opportunity to attend. I will apply my Super Objective to my work immediately.

– Keegan Knewton, Business Consultant, TGI Friday’s, OnStage Dallas

OnStage will challenge you to your core, on who you think you are and who you can become, if you use what you were given.

– Jack Hanchauck, Franchise Operation, TGI Fiday’s, OnStage Dallas

OnStage Leadership allowed me to examine everything I knew and didn’t know about myself as a leader, and rather than trying to make me become a certain leader, this program enhanced who I was to be the best version of myself.

– Ashley Hopkins, Communications Manager, TGI Friday’s, OnStage Dallas

Kimberly connected with us in a way that allowed us to feel safe while being vulnerable. When we all opened up, real transformation occurred.

– Jim Hartner, General Manager, TGI Friday’s, OnStage Dallas

An emotional course led by an enthusiastic leader who connected with everyone attending. Kimberly was passionate, impactful, and an amazing instructor. She can make even the most nervous person about public speaking shine and be proud.

– Peter Despres, General Manager, TGI Friday’s, OnStage Dallas

I found that I understand my own frame of reference better. I will ” gut check” myself periodically to ensure I’m aligned with my Super Objective. I will not under prepare a presentation ever again.

– Scott Pennington, Director of Training, TGI Friday’s, OnStage Dallas

The best, safest departure from your comfort zone.

– Jim Mason, Manager of Learning and Development, TGI Friday’s, OnStage Dallas.

OnStage Leadership is phenomenal at making you look within and showing you why you are the leader of your own success story.

– Nyron Harding, Asst. Branch Manager, Neighborhood Credit Union, OnStage Dallas

For the first time ever I was able to put into words who I am as a leader without using corporate speak. The program was refreshing and life changing!

– T. Denise Stokes, Sr. PR / Communications Professional

OnStage was such a transformative experience. I met my authentic self today.

– Ericka Davis, Economic Outreach Specialist, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, OnStage Dallas

This program lives up to exactly what I had been told… Creative and life changing! An experience that everyone should go through!

– Carrie Pescatello, Branch Manager, Neighborhood Credit Union, OnStage Dallas

OnStage allowed me to find my voice and embrace my inner leader.

– Jason Green, Shopper Marketing Associate, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, OnStage Dallas

If you allow yourself to be fully present and commit to the process, this program can transform your life in 8 hours.

– Jaimee Corris, Retail Activation Manager, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, OnStage NYC

I have never thought so deeply about my own unique style of leadership and the value I can bring. OnStage was an incredible day of self-reflection, with results that will stick with me forever.

– Emily Cristoforis, Senior Strategist, Redscout, OnStage NYC

OnStage Leadership enabled me to craft a message that connected my business perspective with my personal values. Honing it to a single-minded articulation helped me connect to an audience in an authentic way.

– Josh Brusin, Creative Director, OnStage NYC

We are often faced with moments when our hearts don’t feel connected to our heads. In work, in presentations, and in life. Kimberly gives you tools to find a place between them that connects you to who you can be.

– Anthony Leung, Director, A Lab, OnStage NYC

OnStage really helped me figure out who I am and what I stand for. I’ve never been able to articulate it so well.

– Rebecca Weiss, Associate Strategist, Redscout, OnStage NYC

OnStage is one of, if not the best and most productive training courses I’ve ever been in. It’s a great confidence building day that helps to instill a strong sense of focus in both your personal and professional life.

– Dominic Hanley, Associate Planning Director, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, OnStage NYC

On Stage Leadership recognizes the imperative fact that in order to inspire and lead others, you must first identify, name and commit to your own passion. Thank you Kimberly for helping me do just that!

– Christina Stanfield, Senior Director of Strategy, OnStage NYC

Working on finding our super objective was a “wow” moment for me. Being a more introverted type of person, I feel already professionally more empowered knowing this.

– Olivier Gregoire, Senior Industrial Designer, Redscout, NYC

I think I’ve finally found my voice as a speaker. It means the world to me.

– Thomas McKinney, Graphic Designer, Redscout, NYC

This program is great for anybody trying to find their unique voice. Finding this can be an incredibly powerful tool for anyone to become a stronger leader.

– Edward Lee, Industrial Designer, Redscout, NYC

OnStage is eye-opening. One of the most challenging experiences I’ve had yet, but also one of the most rewarding.

– Arian Franz, Graphic Designer, Redscout, NYC

Through OnStage I discovered my super power as well as how to combat my kryptonite.

– Gina Reimann, Design Director, Redscout, NYC

OnStage Leadership is a pretty great program that helps bring clarity of self and guide posts for one’s purpose.

– Chris Schwartz, Senior Designer, Redscout, NYC

OnStage provides the fundamental training to begin your journey in public speaking. Excellent experience!

– Diane Jones, Board Chair, Lea and Elliott, OnStage Leadership Dallas

OnStage Leadership was time well spent. Not only will it help develop your presentation abilities, it will awaken you to embrace your true authentic self and find great power in that! Highly recommended!

– Chuck Roundtree, Sales/Marketing VP in transition, OnStage Leadership Dallas

If you can do one learning experience in your work life experience – don’t miss OnStage Leadership!! It will change your outlook, your effectiveness and you will have POWER with people!

– Penny Barre, Director of Development for Cancer Support Community, OnStage Leadership Dallas

Establishing and staying grounded in a Super Objective will help me and my team stay focused on the prize. Kimberly connected with each participant in a personal way, offering real and constructive feedback.

– Jason Murphy, Retail Environment Manager, US, Hills Pet Nutrition, OnStage Leadership Dallas

OnStage Leadership helps you crystalize your ultimate goal, so that you can measure everything you do against its ability to help make that goal a reality.

– Angela Lewis, Brand Manager, Deep Eddy Vodka, OnStage Leadership Dallas

OnStage Leadership helped me get to know myself better as a person, leader, and presenter, so I can more effectively serve those who engage my services. I walked in to a room of strangers and walked out with a room of new friends and colleagues.

– Dr. Michelle Bangston, Doctor/Speaker/Writer, Neuropsychology Associates, OnStage Leadership Dallas

OnStage provided a sense of comfortability when presenting, and helped me plan for better conversations with people who report to me. Kimberly’s passion, energy and desire to give the group their gifts made a big impression on me.

– Darren Greer, Director of Operations, TGI Fridays, St. Louis, MO

OnStage Leadership should be a part of every employee’s orientation! The skills I learned will absolutely help me to be a better, more effective leader. Really fantastic!!

– Michael Rogers, General Manager, TGI Fridays, Philadelphia, PA

OnStage gave us simple steps to enable us to speak confidently in front of any size of group.

– Stella Feeney, General Manager, TGI Fridays, Ocean, NJ

This has been one of the most effective stage presence courses that I have taken.

– Joshua Speck, General Manager, TGI Fridays, Myrtle Beach, SC

OnStage will transform the way you speak and the way you are perceived by your peers, colleagues, and everyone you come in contact with. Use it in your personal life.

– Lazaro Dominguez, General Manager, TGI Fridays, Miami, FL

OnStage Leadership is an absolute necessity for anyone looking to advance their leadership skills. If I had been able to have an experience like this early in my career who knows what could have happened!

– Paul Tornabene, General Manager, TGI Fridays, Peabody, MA

Perception is someone’s reality. OnStage Leadership helps develop skill sets that creates awareness of how you present yourself, verbally and through physical actions.

– Andrea Campbell, General Manager, TGI Fridays, Ft. Worth, TX

OnStage will give you the tools and skill set to be a powerful and insightful motivator who can connect with people on a personal level to lead results.

– Jesse Payne, General Manager, TGI Fridays, New Castle, DE

OnStage Leadership has absolutely improved my public speaking abilities; somehow I now have the confidence to really connect with the audience. It was also great timing as I had a quarterly review the next day and was much better able to articulate my needs and motivations. This is a must for anyone facing a new leadership role or anyone who must frequently speak in front of groups as part of their job. With patience, compassion, empathy, and wisdom, Kimberly forges a bond between participants as she simplifies the process of becoming an engaged and present speaker.

– Michelle Shevin, Senior Analyst, Luminary Labs, OnStage Leadership NYC

OnStage Leadership allowed me to slow down and think about things that matter most – “connecting with people”. Kimberly was great at demystifying the big picture and get people focused on what matter most to be successful. This helped me slow down and made me think about what success looks like.

– Basem Aybef, Director of Operations, TGI Fridays, OnStage Leadership NYC

What I got most? Being present!!! Focus. Renewed belief in my personal power. HUGE! And super objective guiding interactions along with how do I want my audience to feel and do post-interaction. Kimberly’s presence and communication clarity and power made a big impression on me. She connects deeply. A true joy to be in her presence.

– Andrea Day, Senior Pharma Executive in Transition, OnStage Leadership NYC

OnStage Leadership made me answer questions about myself that I never thought about and this is something I know I’m going to use going forward in both my personal and working life. It helped me realize who I am as a person and as a leader. It made me articulate what my life/leadership philosophy is and by having it stated in a few words it makes it more attainable and present in my every day actions. Kimberly is a very powerful, insightful and effective communicator.

– Claudia Barrera, Director of HR/Asst. Dir. of Finance, Mark Cunningham Inc., OnStage Leadership NYC

There were a number of things that made a big impression on me: The experience of creating and honing my super objective, because it helped to focus in on what is important to me and how to project that to others; the practice with public speaking – tips which I will use at work and in day to day life; and watching how much Kimberly gave of herself – how everything she did and said modeled the lessons she was teaching her participants.

– Lisa Miyadette, Senior Fashion Industry Executive in Transition, OnStage Leadership NYC

Thank you so much for having me in your session. It was touching you remembered I missed out 7 months ago and thought to reach out to me. Those spots are precious. And rightly so. The session was well worth the wait. I learned a great deal about myself and what’s my Super Objective! Most of all, I was in awe of you. I think I learned the most just by watching you and the way you connect with people. You have a special talent. Thanks again for sharing it with me.

– Beck Sloman, Strategist, Redscout, OnStage Leadership NYC

Our NYC launch Testimonials,March 2013
Lisa D.Allen’s Onstage Testimonial

As someone starting my own business, Onstage Leadership sparked some new thinking around my own purpose and how that influences my business. The learning at Onstage Leadership happens in a variety of ways – physical, mental, playful, challenging, collaborative, coaching – and it is never boring! I would highly recommend Onstage Leadership to people at all stages of their career (or in transition) as a way to solidify and build confidence around your purpose and communication as a leader.

– Kathleen Taylor-Gadsby, Senior HR Executive in Transition, OnStage Leadership Dallas

OnStage leadership opened my eyes to truly understanding what it means and how to connect with people, to have a voice that makes an impact. And to take that impact and find your focus.

– Ali Elwell, Integration & Productivity Pace Setter, Core Clarity, OnStage Leadership Dallas

I enjoyed this program very much. The material is simple and clear about how to be truly an authentic leader. This core concept is repeated during the group session and practice. I liked it very much – not like traditional seminar, with so may topics and rules which audiences easily get distracted or lost. I liked this repetition of the core concept. I was also very impressed with Kimberly’s unique presentation. I was captured and influenced by her – her passion, enthusiasm and energy on the stage and with the audience. She constantly mentioned that communication is all about “connection with others” and she demonstrated and so I could easily follow her example and do well in the program. Thank you so much. You are absolutely a life /career coach and truly an “authentic leader”.

– Sunny Yu, Distributed Application Developer, ARC National Program, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, OnStage Leadership Dallas

OnStage forced me to think about my super objective – why I do what I do/what I mean to be doing – which is easy to blow off in the day to day. Since the session I have been generally more mindful about connecting with my audience by slowing down – looking them in the eye and seeing if they are responding to what I am saying.

– Alyssa Mayo, Innovation Associate, Fahrenheit 212, OnStage Leadership NYC

Nearly 30 years into my career, I was skeptical that I had anything left to learn about leadership. I was wrong. OnStage Leadership shined a light on my true motivation and strengths, and helped give me a path forward to greater work and personal satisfaction.

– Deb Trevino, Partner, Prose Partners, OnStage Leadership NYC

I had the honor and privilege of studying under Kimberly in her OnStage Leadership workshop; and I would recommend the course to anybody looking to develop their leadership presence, consider their path while navigating through transitions, or even build confidence around presentation and story telling skills. Her workshop was exceptional, energizing, and produced transformational results within just a number of hours. She’s an incredible instructor with a gift to share!

– Holly Greenberg, Organizational Development Consultant, OnStage Leadership NYC

If you struggle with communicating in public formats, or simply in convincing people to follow your lead, this is a great program for thinking more critically about who you are and what you are trying to achieve, and that that means in the daily work environment.

– Michael Stenclik, Senior Associate, Fahrenheit 212, OnStage Leadership NYC

Karin Larrave’s Onstage Testimonial
Ralph Ewell’s Onstage Testimonial
Linda K.Brown’s Onstage Testimonial
Stew Carson’sOnstage Testimonial
Anthony Kung’s Onstage Testimonial
Dennis McTighe’sOnstage Testimonial
yika van Bemmal Reiss’Onstage Testimonial
Nancy kovatis’ Onstage Testimonial
Gwen Aragon’s Onstage Testimonal
Dr.Michael Harris’ Onstage Testimonal
More Testimonials

Kimberly’s work with our organization has literally transformed the participants who have attended. As Director of the program, I’ve seen individuals in one day develop their leadership presence, message and most importantly their leadership self. They are stripped of the false beliefs of what leaders should be, and given the gift that leaders should be themselves – authentically. Kimberly’s knowledge, skill and passion are the reasons the course is so successful. She has the unique ability to connect with people in a short period of time, which create the environment for change. She has helped us create a new crop of leaders that understand how to connect with and motivate their teams to success.

– Cecil Johnson, Director, Learning Strategy & Leadership Development, for a Fortune 35 Pharmaceutical Company

This program gave voice to a question I’ve had for a LONG time. What is my mission? In here – it’s the Super Objective – that translates into any aspect of my life. I can now go forth with confidence and even more conviction.

– Liz Freeman, AT&T University, Project Manager

I was told by two others this would be life changing – it was! Now I feel more confident speaking before a group and delivering presentations.

– April Geron, Customer Engagement Manager, Advanced Consulting Group, and Regional Director of WITI Dallas

This program laid the foundation for me to be a more effective communicator. I will consistently use what I learned, in and away from work, to effectively lead.

– Darin Reeves, IT Manager, Experian

I’ve always enjoyed and done well with presentations. But this taught me a lot, rounded out the rough edges (perhaps many). Kimberly took us to the edge – safely and with confidence. Just an outstanding program and I’ve been to many over the years.

– Steve Mullen, Senior Marketing Executive and Executive Consultant, Executives in Action

OnStage Leadership made a difference by helping me break down the steps to define my “Super Objective” and it gave me clarity in general around the “core message” that I’m conveying.

– Mark Nagel, Director of Employment Practices, Best Buy Global Business Services

How do you express what words can’t? WOW! This gave me the confidence I needed to clear the way for growth.

– Natalynne Walton, Executive Director, Hopeful Solutions

Every minute was educational, engaging, informative and DIFFERENT! < -Mitra Pirasteh, Patient Advocacy Consultant

The experience was excellent – very relevant. Being able to clearly state what we want and where we are going is imperative. It is important for us to have faith and to project that faith in our body language and voice as we talk. I saw the difference in my video and am seeing the difference I am making now that I have had time to practice more. The skills you gave us were basic to everything we do.

– Pam Venne, Principal and Coach, The Venne Group

I am one of those people who would rather jump off a fifty story building than speak publicly, but Kimberly has a wonderful way of moving people out of their comfort zones while maintaining a safe and non-threatening environment at the same time. OnStage Leadership gave me the confidence I needed to stand in front of an audience and be real with myself and with them. I would highly recommend this seminar for any business person. The skills she teaches are practical and useful, and the learning experience is interactive and fun.

– Jennifer Null, Owner, Zensa Marketing

This program was the best I’ve ever attended! It helped me step out of my comfort zone. I forget how rewarding it always seems to be. It was fun even when it was scary! From now on, I will step out of the box and engage my team.

– Dana Jones, Senior Branch Manager, Neighborhood Credit Union

I truly think (OnStage Leadership) was one of the best leadership workshops I have EVER attended. Very interactive and I walked away with some great new tools for presentations, leadership, and self-expression. I would highly recommend this program to anyone.

– Kathy Jo Usher, Executive Consultant, Executives in Action

I’ve attended a multitude of leadership training sessions over the years and none was as insightful and life/career changing as OnStage Leadership.

– Carolyn Jordan, Senior Vice President, Neighborhood Credit Union

OnStage Leadership gave me the courage to take off the “mask”. Since the event, my life has truly changed. I recently talked to a friend who stated “Something is different in your voice. You sound different. You sound great!” I replied, “I feel great,” and I do. My outlook on life, NOW, is clear and very authentic. I truly had a light bulb moment. All this time I have focused on overcoming challenges and not centering on the excellence I possess and the greatness I can offer. OnStage Leadership brought out the best in me. Kimberly is brilliant, and Cathy is a jewel. My classmates were awesome! I can’t recall being in an environment where everyone was sympathetic, compassionate, and genuinely caring toward others.

I am not the same.

– Renee McMillion Clark, Community Relations, Army Air Force Exchange Service

I have attended many workshops throughout my leadership career, and normally you sit and listen to a lecture. Kimberly’s OnStage Leadership Workshop was definitely outside the box as it was dynamic, interactive and thought provoking. The day flew by as Kimberly engaged the group in many unusual and enjoyable exercises and discussions. Kimberly’s enthusiasm was contagious. Her creative techniques were instrumental in helping every individual identify their leadership philosophies and define their leadership style as well as improve presentation skills. Kimberly’s OnStage Leadership workshop is an activity that should be added to every leaders “must do” bucket list!

– Bonnie B. Gibson, Regional Sales Manager, Ready Ice

OnStage Leadership helped me get connected to my goals in a more clear, concise manner to enable me to confidently present my value. I feel more equipped to face the world with confidence.

– Breonny Lee, Photographer

I found OnStage Leadership to be a totally unique experience. From the setting used, to the direction provided, as well as the finish – no one could leave there and not feel like they improved. Kimberly has a energetic style and presentation that is both insightful and enjoyable. The day flew by. I could see that everyone improved their “stage” presence and leadership thinking.

– Dennis McTighe, Vice President, Sales – National Accounts, Home Entertainment at LG Electronics

My experience with On Stage Leadership is one that I will never forget! It is unlike any other training I have been through. It helped me to really identify my own definition of leadership. I understand now that while it is important to understand the traditional definitions of leadership, it is equally important to know what leadership means to me and how I will apply it to my professional environment. The concept of “showing up as who I am” has already helped me to be a stronger and more effective leader.

-Dara Hayden, Assistant VP – Point of Service, DFW Airport

Kimberly Davis’ OnStage Leadership class was an incredible experience, thanks to her leadership. Like a master choreographer, she combines elements of theatrical performance, a keen understanding of people’s feelings and a leader’s ability to inspire others. We, her students, came from many professional backgrounds. None of us were trained actors. Our “performances” are on the stage of life, every day. Yet, by the end of the day, we found out how to give our own best performances by being authentic. Kimberly really helped me find new words and ways to express who I am, personally and professionally, and the leadership talents I possess. It was also a really fun group! As someone who earns a living in marketing communications, I was incredibly impressed and pleased that this class delivered real “Aha!” moments and strengthened my ability to communicate with others.

– Nancy Del Regno, Senior Marketing Communications Consultant who “creatively inspires excellence”

I took Kimberly’s On Stage Leadership course in March 2010. The full day workshop was eye opening, challenging, and effective at helping individuals identify and find confidence in their core strengths and leadership skills. It was a rewarding and informative experience that I would highly recommend to anyone, whether you are seeking to improve your current career, begin something new, or simply increase your performance and success in your current situation. The use of theater exercises made the experience simultaneously fun and personally challenging. Everyone was encouraged to honestly address their personal strengths and weaknesses in order to improve the former and overcome the latter. I highly recommend Kimberly and look forward to working with her again in the future!

– Christie Gard, Aviation Administrative Assistant at Corgan Associates

OnStage provides a unique space and an excellent, experiential opportunity to explore your leadership capabilities. Having been through several nationally-recognized leadership programs, I was looking for a new approach that delivered personal value in a non-traditional, non-corporate setting. You’ll leave OnStage energized, with pearls of wisdom in hand, and ready to take action!

– C. Cruz, Business Consultant

The transformation that I went through with On Stage Leadership has and will continue to help me professionally and personally. I have been attending “leadership workshops” for most of my life, first one at 12 years old with Jr. High Student Council on through college and professional. Part of me thought it was going to be the standard icebreaker, personality test, and bond with others at your workshop type of deal. It was far from that.
As a marketing person I had 8 hours to stop promoting a 3rd party and take a mirror to myself. What was most surprising was that of all the high level executives that attended we all had a common thread, as calm as we all perceived to be on the outside, in the in side we were all nervous wrecks…So we learned how to address that.
I learned that I have the power to create legacies.

– Paula Ramirez, Business Development Manager, 1400 Words

Kimberly has the ability to really listen with heart and peel away the fuzziness to identify true strengths and talents, and to teach us how to magnify those talents.

– Debra Sanford, Department Controller, DFW Airport

After taking this program I feel more confident about what I have to offer as a manager and a leader.

– Christine Wilson, Senior Art Director, DART

OnStage Leadership is the most powerful leadership workshop I have ever attended. And I know I am not alone – I think everyone else in the workshop felt the same way.

– Alise Cortez, EVP and Founding Partner, Improved Experience

It was a great session with a truly dynamic facilitator. The entire concept of using the theatre as the backdrop to deliver the theme of looking at yourself and your leadership’s super objective was right on. I personally reference the tools introduced during OnStage Leadership daily, as I try to incorporate an awareness of my Leadership in my daily activities .

– Lenonna Nichols, Revenue Control Manager and President of the Women’s Initiative Network, DFW Airport

OnStage Leadership is an experience I will never forget! Kimberly does a phenomenal job in delving into each participant and helping them find out who they are as a person and a leader. This is not your everyday class or seminar; it is much more! It is unique, transforming, and powerful. It is unmistakable that Kimberly is a very passionate and extraordinary person… a gift that everyone needs to witness.

– Rani Craft, VP Human Resources, Neighborhood Credit Union

Kimberly is so supportive and insightful! She helps you see the “best you” while at the same time provides effective feedback in a safe environment that lets you know how to stretch yourself to an even “better you”!

– Linda Roy, SPHR, M.Ed, M.S., Organizational Change Consultant, Bell Helicopter

Being pushed to see myself through the eyes of others was just what I needed to improve my “game”.

– Walter Guess, Senior Project Manager

OnStage Leadership gave me a chance to reflect on what I want out of life. It helped me see the big picture and what I need to do make myself happy. Now I know what I need to do to attain my goals and what will motivate me. Before OnStage, I hadn’t given myself a chance to understand what I was feeling and though this program, I was able to put all my thoughts together into what I wanted to do. I would recommend this seminar for anyone but especially for people who are in a transitional stage of their life.

– Emilia Leon, Office Manager, Northwestern Mutual

After attending OnStage Leadership, I’m now aware of what I had been doing to unwittingly sabotage myself. Now I have concrete tools on how to stop that and progress from here on out.

– Heidi Sue Adams, Medical Librarian, Kalispell Regional Medical Center

I will post my Super Objective statement in my office to continually remind myself why I am in this business and to rejuvenate myself when I get frustrated. I will suggest this to everyone I know. What a powerful day!

– Gary Rifkin, Professional Speaker and Coach

The concept of the Super Objective was extremely valuable. It was the missing piece for me.

– Eric Monaghan, Sr. Analyst, Revenue Management, American Airlines

I now have a better understanding about who I am and how I represent myself as a leader.

– Andrew Bryan, Student, Baylor University

It was very valuable to clarify my larger intentions and objectives so that when trying to influence and inspire others I can bring more of myself and my authenticity to the table

– Norell Hall, World Ventures

OnStage Leadership helped me gain sefl-belief, courage, and confidence and provided me skills for presentations. Kimberly is so good and connected to each person. She knows everyone’s needs and works towards those.

– Arif Rahman, Oracle Specialist, Hudson Advisors

OnStage Leadership gave me a deeper dive into what drives me and the ability to explain it to someone else conclusively. I hope to send many people this way in the future!

– Neil Geruin, Senior Analyst, American Airlines

Building my “Super Objective” allowed me to consolidate in one sentence a focus for me to work within and to act with more purpose.

– Babette Davis, Store Manager, Starbucks Coffee Company

I now have a framework to follow and build a presentation. Invaluable!

– Janice Dilworth, Senior Executive, Seattle

Kimberly’s authenticity is at first overwhelming, then inspiring, and finally compelling. She drew me into becoming a better presenter.

– Mike Cook,Founder, AMJ Management Consulting and Author of Thrive

What I stand for has been defined and will now be in the forefront of my mind in everything I do. I feel very blessed to have had this opportunity so early in my career. It will definitely help me on my career path.

– Ashley Beard, Health Risk Management Coordinator, Lockton Dunning Benefits

OnStage Leadership is the ONLY time in my 20+ year career that I have seen such results created in a single day. Kimberly consistently demonstrated her ability to find the motivational drivers of each participant. Any organization that is seeking a high value means for developing their senior professionals and managers into leaders needs to evaluate the strength of OnStage Leadership. Kimberly has created an event that can make a significant impact to the effectiveness of the talent management and succession planning efforts of any organization.

– Lisa D. Allen, MBA SPHR, Senior Consultant of SAP Change Management, Bell Helicopter

It was extremely beneficial to define what gets me excited and passionate about my profession.

– Eric Venegas, Creative Director, Banowetz + Co.

I feel more grounded with my purpose and intentions.

– Marty Ruiz, Artist

My take-home strategy will be using tactics to work toward focused goals.

– Jeremy Thompson, Photographer

This was incredibly valuable because it gave me the opportunity to share my heart and connect that to my business goals as well as my personal goals. I connected with my fellow (high potential group) members in such a way that I now would confidently work with them on a leadership team with great success.

– Chad, Sales Manager, for a Fortune 35 Pharmaceutical Company

This gave us the ability to share personal and professional experiences in a safe and comfortable environment, and gave us a chance for great idea sharing and interaction with the group. This also helped me become more comfortable speaking in front of groups about myself and sharing my personal and professional experiences.

– Brian, Sales Manager, for a Fortune 35 Pharmaceutical Company

This was the most beneficial and constructive leadership workshop I’ve been a part of. It works and helped me both personally and professionally.

– Robin, Sales Manager, for a Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical Company

Kimberly, you CONNECT! I am a better me now! You allowed for the creation of a “safe space”, and worked with all of us providing clear coaching and positive feedback. Refreshing!

– Caren, Sales Manager, for a Fortune 35 Pharmaceutical Company

This program will better help me sell myself to my customers and to the organization because I better understand what I’m trying to communicate about myself. Kimberly’s passion and desire to see us do well was captivating.

– Brooks,Sales Manager, for a Fortune 35 Pharmaceutical Company

I finally learned a structure for delivering a presentation. Thank you! This program has set a solid foundation for me. Kimberly was engaging and very passionate about her work. Thank you!

– Paul, Sales Manager, for a Fortune 35 Pharmaceutical Company

This was probably the best class in (the high potential training curriculum). It brought it all together. It was impactful, it was passionate, and it was from the heart. It allowed us to find the leader within all of us and to articulate it. It was motivating and an excellent learning course.

– Kathy, Sales Manager, for a Fortune 35 Pharmaceutical Company

This program allowed us to share who we are with our peers and was a great opportunity to truly move out of our comfort zone and be more open.

– Tracie, Sales Manager, for a Fortune 35 Pharmaceutical Company

It was a really valuable day for me. I have a better understanding of what drives my leadership abilities and will be more conscious of trying to connect my actions and decisions to my strengths and goals.

– Elisa Johnson, IT Relationship Manager, ABSG

Now I will go forward with more confidence as a speaker. (Kimberly) made (the program) relate to the real me and my real situation. Bravo Kimberly! Thank you.

– Tessa Smith, Manager, Internal Communications and Diversity, DFW Int’l Airport

Now I will be much more aware of my overall objective and use that to make better decisions in the future and in the way I evaluate opportunities.

– Holly Long, HR Administrative Assistant, Chubb Insurance

Great material and content! This made me be aware of my impact on others and was a confidence builder in my interpersonal skills.

-Terri Murphy, HR Manager, Texas Instruments

I understand better who I am and I can attack my career completely different than I have in the past.

– Ken Hill, IT Consultant

It was time well spent for me. All part of my journey to improve and further develop my personal brand.

– Steve Harris, VP, Lockton Companies

It was extremely beneficial to define what gets me excited and passionate about my profession.

– Eric Venegas, Creative Director, Banowetz + Co.

I will be a more powerful speaker with more composure and purpose. I learned invaluable techniques for being stage ready in all speaking situations ranging from one on one meetings to groups of 100.

– Ylka Van Bemmel Reiss, PR and Marketing Professional

OnStage Leadership was unlike any other workshop or seminar I have ever participated in. Your background and experience give you massive credibility. Your passion and energy come through in every interaction. What I found unique and invaluable were all of the personal touches. It all made me feel like I am the “star” in “My Success Story.” I hope you are able to offer the workshop in Seattle on a regular basis. I will be recommending it for personal and career growth.

– Tom Sanko, VP Sales and Marketing/CEO for multiple start-ups, Seattle, WA

The focus on driving positive action was incredibly valuable. It allowed me to reframe my purpose and to evaluate what I “do” to create what I want.

– Mari Maruyama, VP of U.S Operations, Laurasian Institute, Seattle, WA

This program gave me tremendous insight on what I do on a day to day basis, in both my personal and professional lives. Now I am more cognizant of what I want and am able to tailor my actions accurately!

– Vidya Rajagopalan, Healthcare Business Consultant, Infosys Consulting

Kimberly Davis’s seminar challenged me to grow personally and professionally in ways I can never repay. I left SO encouraged with greater passion and greater desire, greater depth, and focus of knowing where I want to go as a leader. I learned how and why its important that I communicate authentically and clearly because of its impact and influence on those around me. I learned to share who I am in transparent and powerful ways. I learned how to speak authentically and how to improve my communication skills by taking the initiative to listen well, by being proactive with what I say and what I do and how I deliver. It was amazing. This was the best training I have ever gone through in my life. It put me in touch with who I really am and gave me a reason not to fear sharing what my real hopes are professionally. It transformed my perspective for the best tremendously.

– Gwen Aragon, Artist/Arts Educator and Advocate

I’ve always known what I wanted to do in life but this session not only helped clarify that, it also gave us the tactical steps to reach that goal. It has given me the knowledge and a renewed focus on becoming my own brand of a more powerful and influential leader!

– Anthony Kung, DTM, Lt. Governor Education & Training, Dist. 50 TM

I’ve attended several leadership programs in the area last year and this is by far the best program I’ve attended!

– Michele Johnson, Operations Supervisor, Chubb Insurance

OnStage Leadership forced me to put in words what would normally be unspoken and helped me better focus my direction.

– Os Lassberg, Operations Manager, 7-Eleven, Inc.

Nothing I have taken has brought together my focus and clarity like this program!

– Dr. Michael Harris, Owner,, Tranceformational Systems

I will use the techniques I learned in OnStage Leadership every day!

– Jenny Hoch, Manager, Franchise Compliance, 7-Eleven, Inc.

This program will benefit anybody, because it makes you jump inside yourself and discover the best of you.

– Karin Larrave, Financial Advisor, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

If you don’t have a personal leadership philosophy then you need see Kimberly. She’ll help you find your own timeless and universal leadership philosophy as well as the authentic “you,” as a leader.”

– Eric Dyson, Retirement Plan Consultant

OnStage Leadership is by far the most powerful leadership presentation I have attended! Kimberly helped me realize my leadership growth potential and outlined ways to achieve it!

– Sandra Samuel, Owner, Word Out Communications, Toastmasters Area Governor

I will be in a different place and coming from a different place not only Monday at work, but with my friends, family and loved ones because of the transparency, humility, vulnerability and authenticity I got from this program.

– Dr. Brandon Huddleston, Chiropractor and Business Owner, Growth & Vitality Boutique