Icky Reactions

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I deleted my Yelp review Saturday night.  My husband and I had gone out to dinner on Friday evening and were treated horribly by the hostess and had mediocre food (and that’s being generous).  Livid and still feeling incredulous over spending money for such a bad experience I whipped out a scathing review first thing […]

Redefining Power

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I heard the most horrible leadership story the other day and, quite frankly, it made me very sad.  As a subject matter expert, a friend of mine was invited to lead a session for a Fortune 500 Company.  It was a large group so they divided it into two – with a group of 30 […]

Fighting Incongruencies

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People talk about the “terrible twos”, but there was nothing terrible about “two” for our family.  Two was easy.  Jeremy would joyfully do whatever we asked.  He would eat what we put in front of him.  Pick up his toys without argument or complaint.  We were his heroes.  Then he started to develop free will. […]

You’re Not a Fix-it Project

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It’s so interesting to me how our perceptions of ourselves are often so far out of synch with how the world perceives us to be.  I know you can probably think of a few folks running about with an inflated opinion of themselves, but in my experience, the vast majority of us are so focused […]

Trusting Yourself

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She stood up there, poised and professional.  Her impressive background, the ivy league schools and a fancy title with a Fortune 500, seemed to go with the expensive pantsuit she was wearing – like Garanimals, everything matched (did I just date myself?).  Her presentation was articulate and well constructed – very controlled – with just […]

What Makes You Shine?

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A couple of weeks ago I led OnStage Leadership for a very special group of creatives.  Extraordinarily talented and insightful, the group reminded me about how powerful it is to name the unique gifts that we bring.  Over the course of the day they dug deep – excavating what it is that drives them internally.  […]

The Courage to Lead

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  I’ve lost track of the number of conversations I’ve had recently around the tough business environment we’re all facing. Companies are having to do more with less; small businesses are suffering; entrepreneurs are casting off dreams; government and education are cutting programs; non-profits have lost their funding; and the number of extraordinarily talented individuals […]

Conducting Results

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There are only a few truly extraordinary leaders out there. Leaders people want to give their very best. These leaders, they’re carelessly putting their passion out there for all to see. People can’t help but gawk and stare. We try to anaesthetize ourselves, to no avail. They’re magnetic. And people would follow them anywhere. I […]

Interview on CelebrityU

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I had the fantastic opportunity to be interviewed by Anthony Kung on CelebrityU last Thursday. What a great time we had! They’re really doing some neat things over there and I felt honored to be a part of it. Thanks, Kathy, Anthony, and everyone else at CelebrityU!

To check out our interview, go to:

Watch live video from celebrityu on Justin.tv

Seeing Possibility

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Think for a moment about the people who have made the biggest difference in your life. Who pointed you in a new direction? Who gave you that unique opportunity? Who saw something in you, that perhaps you hadn’t even seen in yourself? There are people we meet who seem to magically change the trajectory of […]