How Will You Show Up?

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I have a friend and colleague who always asks to get together. Great guy. Fun. Interesting. It’s always enjoyable to see him. We eagerly schedule something. Without fail, he either cancels or has to reschedule. He routinely schedules other things during the time we’ve planned to meet. It could be that he’s just disorganized. It […]

You Know that “Stuff Happens” Right?

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Yesterday I received an email from a potential business colleague profusely apologizing for having to reschedule our call.  Her child was sick, her normal sitter out of town, and she was home beating herself up for not being available. Last week there was a time-zone snafu with another call I had scheduled and the guy […]

Designing Productivity

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Such a productive day!  I’ve been knocking things off the list all day long and it feels great!  But it’s been interesting to stand outside myself and observe.  What I noticed is that the more to-do-focused I am, the less creative I seem to be.  I suspected that I wasn’t alone in this, so I […]