What Are YOU Doing?

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Oh yes, the Universe works in mysterious ways!  It seems that I am destined to learn from myself, as today’s re-posted post is exactly what I needed to read as I work on this book project of mine…! Click here to read today’s re-posted post:  Put Yourself on the Line and Dance Okay!  Get real […]

What Does Your Best Self Look Like?

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When do you see your best self?  When you look in the mirror?  Can we actually see our best self, or is “being your best” just an aspirational thing?  Would you know it if you saw it?  I think we catch glimpses of our best self – like ghosts – leaving us wondering “Was that […]

Caring, Curiosity and Action

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I don’t know about you, but when I was 9 years old, I wasn’t worried about changing the world.  My biggest concerns at that time were how to sneak a love letter into the desk of the boy I had a crush on at the time and how to get my little brother to stop […]

Getting Through the Fog

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I thought I had “made it”.  The local papers wrote articles.  My friends oooh’d and ahhh’d.  It was my first Equity show.  I was on my way!  Getting cast in The Heidi Chronicles at the Arizona Theatre Company….holy smokes….it was more than 20 years ago… was my first big break.  It was an awesome experience.  […]

Leaping Into Safety

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As I explored in yesterday’s post, I believe that one of the greatest gifts a leader can bring is to make is safe for the people they lead to soar.  As I marinated on the subject, and started to trace my best and worst versions of myself through time, I came to realize that I […]