Are You Having a Conscious Impact?

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  Can you believe that it’s the end of June already?  I was telling a dear friend of mine in an email not long ago that I feel as if I’m on a run-away train lately.  So much going on!  So many balls in the air!  I’ve been so focused on  knockin’ things off the […]

Refueling for Greatness

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You know, I started in this morning with a list a mile-long.  Telling myself, “Get to it!  Nose to the grindstone!  Get to work!”  And then I thought…  No. You know what?  Yesterday I was up at 4am prepping and spent my day giving it everything I’ve got.  It was heaven on earth.  There’s nothing […]

Stepping Back

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I’ve been feeling very uncomfortable the last few weeks.  Like I’m growing out of my own skin.  I know that things need to change, but I don’t know what.  I know that I need to bring in new players, but I don’t know who.  Or why.  Or what for.  I’ve kept myself so distracted, juggling […]