Have You Had Enough?

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As summer starts to to wind down, the retail world is buzzing with back-to-school sales and offers.  Soon, our kids will be starting the next chapter in their education.  I find myself waiting in nervous anticipation  to see what fourth grade has in store for my little man. I’m struck by how committed we are as a society […]

What Is Your Definition of “Brave”?

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When I started OnStage Leadership in Dallas in 2009, I hardly knew anyone there.  We had moved to Dallas two years before and I hadn’t really “plugged in”.  At the time I had been traveling a lot for work, so other than spending time with our wonderful neighbors, I felt pretty isolated.  2009 was a watershed year […]

What Would Change if You Could “Let it Go” at Work?

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As predicted, the song Let it Go has permeated my house.  My kiddo plays it incessantly, and being the catchy little tune that it is, both my husband and I find ourselves humming it out of the blue.  When I couldn’t sleep Friday night, the song replayed in my head over-and–over again, uncontrollably.  So rather […]

Stop Chasing Perfection

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“Oh my gosh, Jeremy!  Look!  It’s a Blue Morpho!” I whispered intensely, trying to grab his attention without scaring the butterfly away. “Mom!  That’s good luck!” he shouted excitedly, as he ran toward it for a better look – the butterfly, once spotted, fluttered elusively down the path with a gleeful nine-year-old in pursuit. I […]

Growing Into Ourselves

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This week has been a waltz through memory lane.  Yesterday an old friend and I caught up on more than 20  years, sharing the stories that paved our separate circuitous paths.  And as I type this, I’m waiting to meet another dear friend who has traveled through my life for just as long.  And what […]