Shining From Within

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  Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. –Maya Angelou         I remember, probably four years ago, at the end of an OnStage session in Dallas, we were all standing around talking and I asked the group of newly-minted-graduates, […]

Here’s to Great Days!

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Something my friend Mike Cook has said, that stuck with me (and he may have been quoting someone, but I honestly can’t remember), is that (and forgive me Mike, if I don’t get this exactly right!) he hoped, at the end of his life, to have been all spent.  That he will have lived to […]

Refueling for Greatness

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You know, I started in this morning with a list a mile-long.  Telling myself, “Get to it!  Nose to the grindstone!  Get to work!”  And then I thought…  No. You know what?  Yesterday I was up at 4am prepping and spent my day giving it everything I’ve got.  It was heaven on earth.  There’s nothing […]