You Know that “Stuff Happens” Right?

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Yesterday I received an email from a potential business colleague profusely apologizing for having to reschedule our call.  Her child was sick, her normal sitter out of town, and she was home beating herself up for not being available. Last week there was a time-zone snafu with another call I had scheduled and the guy […]

The Comparison Trap

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There are some days that, try as you might, you cannot escape being human.  And even though you know, logically, that “everybody’s got their somethin”, it’s still easy to fall into that comparison trap. You know the one.  Remember the last time you saw somebody who seemed to have it all?  You look at them […]

Aiming for Grateful

Posted by on Nov 25, 2013 | 2 Comments

I’m always amused at how, now matter how conscious I try to be about being compassionate and about appreciating others – about being grateful – that I can’t help but be human.  With Thanksgiving approaching and gratefulness top-of-mind, I’m reminded of the day I first used my digital voice recorder. We were living in Dallas, […]