Do They Know?

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I’ve always thought it would be helpful to read minds.  Then we’d know.  We’d know what people think and not have to worry about the whole assumptions-thing, and could actually deal with what is real.  But then again…we’d know…right?!  And that would certainly come with its own set of complications.  But since we can’t actually […]

No More Drama

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It’s nice to recognize growth and change in yourself, but when your past makes a social call, I find it’s challenging to hold fast to what’s-real-in-the-present and not get pulled backwards by the winds of where-you-once-were. I’ve always loved helping people.  My whole life I’ve been attracted to people who like to think deeply and […]

How Will You Be Different?

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I discovered this morning that I had zipped by blog #200 without even noticing.  A milestone for sure – but totally arbitrary (no one was likely counting blog posts other than me).  The last time I had counted I was in the 180’s and 200 felt so far off that I didn’t even bother calendaring […]

The Power of Focused Feedback

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You would think that by now we would have all developed amazing mind-reading skills, but that’s clearly not the case.  In order for us to really understand what someone wants and needs from us, we usually need it to be said out loud or we’ll assume all is good.  And for caring leaders this can […]

Improving Your Odds For Influence

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When I met Jessica*, I was immediately struck by her passion and clarity.  She is a woman on a mission!  She could see that the way things had always been done in her company was causing the best-and-the-brightest to jump ship.  As she explained it, the purpose-driven-mercurial-millineals  needed to be able to see how they […]