Do You Make Them Read Your Mind?

Posted by on Jun 8, 2015 | 2 Comments

We can’t assume people know what we’re thinking. When people do a good job, we need to tell them.

Aiming For Who You Want to Be

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I’m always amazed at how, now matter how conscious I try to be about being compassionate and appreciative – about being grateful – that I can’t help but be human.  And, at the risk of looking like the total dork that I can be, with Thanksgiving approaching and gratefulness top-of-mind, I thought you might find amusement in […]

Happy Anniversary OnStage Facebook Page!

Posted by on Aug 9, 2014 | 2 Comments

It occurred to me yesterday that the anniversary of the OnStage Leadership Facebook page came and went without any great fanfare on my part. It was just a little over one year ago that I launched the page and I remember feeling rather blue a week later, when we only had 36 “Likes”.  Thanks to you, […]

Are You Feeling Lucky?

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We all have them. Those insane days where nothing seems to go as planned.  Your alarm doesn’t go off when should.  You miss your flight.  Your connecting flight is over-booked.  You get lost.  An hour has been added to your already too-long trek to your destination.  You’re low blood-sugar, have a headache, and can’t quite […]

A Trip Down Memory Lane

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I have to say, it has been such fun re-reading my posts-of-old.  A total trip down memory lane!  Thank you to my amazing mother for a lifetime of inspiration that includes inspiring this post that originally went out in May of 2009. Click here to read today’s re-posted post:  The Power of Presence Until tomorrow! […]

Keeping You in the Loop

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Hello! I just wanted to loop you in on what’s happening on this end. As many of you might remember, I boldly declared that “this is the year for the book” on December 31st, and what I realize is that blogging-daily is cutting into my ability to deliver on that goal. Soooo….here’s what’s going to happen… […]

Do They Know?

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I’ve always thought it would be helpful to read minds.  Then we’d know.  We’d know what people think and not have to worry about the whole assumptions-thing, and could actually deal with what is real.  But then again…we’d know…right?!  And that would certainly come with its own set of complications.  But since we can’t actually […]

Sincere Thanks

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Dear Cecil – I woke up this morning to find several lovely notes of congratulations from past participants and colleagues.  Apparently Linkedin had just blasted out to the world that it was my “work anniversary”.  While I had recognized that we just hit a milestone in New York, and I knew that it was the […]

Livin’ the Dream

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I’m wiped and happy.  But isn’t that the best feeling in the world?  To feel as if you’ve spent every ounce of energy you have doing something you believe in, and then get to fall in bed totally spent?  My dream is that we all get to experience this feeling. So often people fantasize that […]

A Day of Gratitude

Posted by on Jan 15, 2014 | One Comment

Today is a day of gratitude.  After spending the day with eight extraordinary people and watching them accomplish amazing things, I feel truly grateful.  And, after yesterday’s blog, I’ve had dear friends reaching out who I haven’t talked to in eons, re-living our days at the Charleston Cafe…  Beautiful memories.  I feel so grateful today. […]