Who’s in Your Corner?

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I don’t know if I could have had the success I’ve had launching my business, if I hadn’t started in Dallas.  One of the things I so love about Dallas is that the lines between business and friendship are blurred.  I’ve lived in places where you don’t talk business with your friends – it’s taboo.  […]

Navigating Our “Firsts”

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First day of school.  First day of a new job.  First day for a new project.  First big client.  First presentation to the C-Suite. There’s something exciting about “firsts” – all that looming possibility.  But as I watched my kiddo standing in-Iine behind his new classmates yesterday, with a determined scowl on his face as […]

Trying to Contain an Elephant

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Stuff happens.  When you’re working to accomplish big things and you’re coordinating a million moving parts to make it happen – as most companies are – you can expect that once in awhile things are going to fall through the cracks.  Where the rubber meets the road is not at the point of the mistake, but […]

What is Enough?

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Today’s the last day of summer vacation.  On Monday, it’s on to third grade for my kiddo!  I’m struck by how committed we are as a society to put processes into place to educate our children, and then for some crazy reason, think that, as adults, development isn’t necessary.  There are quotes from thousands of […]

Give Us Something to Go On

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Several years ago I was working with a group of managers and their direct reports for a company in Chicago and one of the guys in the session filled with the direct reports told me he was angry that he had received a bonus.  As you might have been, I was a little surprised to […]

The Impact Your Presence Can Have (Part 2)

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Yesterday I wrote about two very different leaders (you can catch up on that blog post here).  The first leader had the uncanny ability to disengage a room full of people managers in an instant.  The second leader invested about 30 minutes of his time to ignite a passion for growth, build trust, and plant […]

The Impact Your Presence Can Have (Part I)

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Awhile back I was leading sessions for small company that had recently been acquired by a large multinational based in France.  There were culture issues, communication issues, and because of the vast amount of change they were experiencing, fear and mistrust were rampant.  Overnight this small band of technical leaders that had proudly grown their […]

For the Sake of What?

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I’ve had the privilege to work with a lot of senior executives who have found themselves in transition.  Amazing men and women who have been in workforce 20 – 30 years, and for a multitude of reasons have found themselves, often for the first time in their careers, looking for “what’s next”. Most have accomplished […]

Capturing the Moment

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Last day of vacation.  This has been my view in the mornings, sitting on the deck writing my blog.  I sit here this morning, savoring the moment.  Such beauty.  I want to take it all in.  The salty-briny smell from the water infusing the air, the wind chimes tinkling in the breeze, how delicious hot […]

What Do You Stand For?

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Imagine that there is a big dart board about 30 feet in front of you.  You are blindfolded.  What are your chances of hitting the bullseye?  Unless you are a world-champion dart player, I suspect you might have difficulty. Now, imagine the same dart board looms in front of you and you take the blindfold […]