In the Company of Friends, the Key to Business Success

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In the Company of Friends, the Key to Business Success

I attribute a great deal of my business success to the fact that I started my company in Dallas. In Dallas I have always been in the company of friends, where the lines between business and friendship are blurred. I’ve lived in places where you don’t talk business with your friends; it’s taboo. It’s hard to start a […]

Building a Brave Community

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Building a Brave Community

The one unifying characteristic of everyone who commits to showing up as their best, most authentic, and powerful self, is their bravery.

What Is Your Definition of “Brave”?

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When I started OnStage Leadership in Dallas in 2009, I hardly knew anyone there.  We had moved to Dallas two years before and I hadn’t really “plugged in”.  At the time I had been traveling a lot for work, so other than spending time with our wonderful neighbors, I felt pretty isolated.  2009 was a watershed year […]

A Year of Growing

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Is it just me, or is it shocking to think that 2014 is almost here?!  I remember when I was a kid thinking that the year 2000 was forever-away and how OLD I’d be when that day finally arrived (needless to say, my definition of old has changed).  And here we are, almost fourteen years […]

Going the Distance

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It’s hard to believe!  Today is the 100th blog post since I started this daily-blogging-journey in July.  It is only fit that it lands on the week of Thanksgiving, as it’s given me so much for which to be thankful. This feels a bit like the 18-mile training walk I did in anticipation of the […]

Did You Say Something?

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Oh my gosh.  Night-before-last I did the parent-thing that I swore I’d never do.  My kiddo was talking a million miles an hour and I was….well yes, I was on Facebook…and according to witness testimony, I was nodding and smiling and responding to what he was telling me.  Ten minutes later my kiddo came back […]

What’s Your Purpose?

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Hugo Cabret:  Everything has a purpose, clocks tell you the time, trains takes you to places. I’d imagine the whole world was one big machine. Machines never come with any extra parts, you know. They always come with the exact amount they need. So I figured if the entire world was one big machine… I […]

Super Objective Spotlight (Featuring Linda K. Brown)

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I think when I participated in the Onstage Leadership Program some years ago, the interesting and poignant term, “Super Objective” was not yet born. If it was, I don’t recall it, but what I do recall is no less than a ‘SUPER’ Objective; like being my authentic self, being vulnerable, really acknowledging and nurturing the […]

Over-reacting? Maybe It’s a Sign…

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Argh.  I hate it when things don’t go my way!  Yesterday I wanted to get a basic prescription re-filled – one I’ve had re-filled dozens of times, and nothing seemed to go right.  One place didn’t have it it  – it would take days to order.  I trekked to another place – they didn’t have […]

What’s Your “Exception”?

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For me, there’s no question that “exception is the enemy of discipline”.  A little rice with my Japanese food at lunch, leads to pasta and bread…and yes, cookies at dinner – and death to my no-carb diet.  One month I don’t get my newsletter out, and then I don’t get it out.  And don’t get […]