The Epitome of an Authentic Leader

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The Epitome of an Authentic Leader

What kind of leadership makes for good business?

In the Company of Friends, the Key to Business Success

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In the Company of Friends, the Key to Business Success

I attribute a great deal of my business success to the fact that I started my company in Dallas. In Dallas I have always been in the company of friends, where the lines between business and friendship are blurred. I’ve lived in places where you don’t talk business with your friends; it’s taboo. It’s hard to start a […]

Why Should They Care?

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If you’ve been in the professional world, corporate or otherwise, for any length of time, you’ve heard about the importance of communicating benefits.  Maybe you’ve taken a class, or read a book, or heard a “sales-expert” speak.  There’s likely a million articles out there making the rounds on social media.  Communicating Benefits is one of […]

Are You Having a Conscious Impact?

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  Can you believe that it’s the end of June already?  I was telling a dear friend of mine in an email not long ago that I feel as if I’m on a run-away train lately.  So much going on!  So many balls in the air!  I’ve been so focused on  knockin’ things off the […]

What’s Your Insight?

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Isn’t it funny how one insight can send us down the path of our future?  I remember maybe…15 years ago when I had this insight about the theatre-business-connection (of course it took me another 7 years before I did anything about it) – a point-of-view that later became the foundation of all I do. Over […]