Do You Appreciate the Greatness in Others?

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Do You Appreciate the Greatness in Others?

It’s almost comical. I had written to applaud my amazing experience at Alvin and Friends last weekend, and he had commented to thank me for my piece, and in doing so we both prospered. I find this to be true time and time again. Some of my greatest relationships – both business and personal – have flourished […]

Do You Make Them Read Your Mind?

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We can’t assume people know what we’re thinking. When people do a good job, we need to tell them.

The Greatest Gift You Can Give

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As I was responding to an email from my kiddo’s teacher recently, I reflected on how incredibly fortunate we are to have such a talented, caring, and invested woman educating our son this year.  “Thank you for investing yourself in my son.” I wrote back to her.  “It matters.  It’s made a difference to him.  He’s […]

Do They Know?

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I’ve always thought it would be helpful to read minds.  Then we’d know.  We’d know what people think and not have to worry about the whole assumptions-thing, and could actually deal with what is real.  But then again…we’d know…right?!  And that would certainly come with its own set of complications.  But since we can’t actually […]

Seeing Magic

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The day began blustery and cold.  By 8am, it was snowing.  Hard.  Thick, white flakes camouflaging us from the neighborhood, erasing all the color in the scene as if it were penned by disappearing ink.  On our brief walk to school yesterday morning, in the first snow of the year, I regaled my kiddo with […]

The Gift of Appreciation

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For those of who who read my blog daily (thank you!), you know that my parents have been visiting this week.  What a wonderful week!  We’ve done a city tour, spent time at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, saw a Broadway show (their first), and last night, when it’s hard to imagine life getting any […]