To Bring To Your Organization

Whether you’re a Business Unit Leader or an HR Leader, if you’re going to invest in bringing a training program in-house, you want to be sure that you get the most for your investment and that it has a real impact on your business. OnStage Leadership is designed to maximize the time that is spent in the classroom to give you the biggest return on your investment.

We cover a LOT of ground in one day. This program does not fit into a traditional training box. Is it Leadership? Yes. Is it Influence? Yes? Is it Presence? Yes. Is it Purpose? Yes. Is it Presentation Skills? Yes.

Yes. And so much more.

And because it’s experiential, your participants will feel the difference immediately and be able to apply the tools toward greater results right away. This content is sticky. It’s not just an intellectual exercise or a lecture. It is a visceral and transformational learning experience that sparks powerful lasting results.

OnStage Leadership is designed for emerging leaders. Not just your middle-managers. Not just your high-potentials. But anyone in your organization, however new or seasoned, who you need to emerge as the best leader they can be.

Kimberly’s work with our organization has literally transformed the participants who have attended. As Director of the program, I’ve seen individuals in one day develop their leadership presence, message and most importantly their leadership self. She has helped us create a new crop of leaders that understand how to connect with and motivate their teams to success.

– Cecil Johnson, Director, Learning Strategy & Leadership Development, for a Fortune 35 Pharmaceutical Company

In only one day out of the office, your participants will:

  • Be able to leverage their natural talents, passion, and drive toward making a bigger impact in your organization.
  • Learn how to escape overwhelm, frustration, and manage stress and anxiety
  • Be able to prepare for high-stakes meetings and conversations for greater success
  • Learn how to have influence they want to have
  • Be able to set the direction of their career
  • Be able to present powerfully to groups of all sizes
  • Feel more confident, courageous, satisfied, and purposeful

…not bad for a single day’s investment!

OnStage Leadership is perfect for organizations that wish to:

  • Develop leaders with the ability to powerfully shape a leadership message that maximizes understanding and sparks a fire in the hearts of others
  • Develop high-potential leaders
  • Provide an alternative to costly coaching for individual development
  • Provide post-annual-review development opportunities for individuals
  • Re-energize current leadership
  • Strengthen communication/presentation skills for specific leaders
  • Help managers who are facing low moral and engagement on their teams
  • Reward high performers

And from a big-picture perspective, this program can help you:

  • Ensure that your leaders’ actions are consistently congruent with your organization’s values and purpose
  • Maintain your purpose and values as your organization scales to meet demand
  • Break-down silos
  • Infuse a common language around driving constructive purposeful action
  • Build and/or maintain a purpose-driven, people-focused culture
  • Become an organization that attracts and retains the best and the brightest

Kimberly’s approach to leadership training is refreshing, engaging and spot on. It has had a tremendous impact on me professionally and personally. OnStage Leadership provides such a unique learning experience and you can’t help but internalize it instantly. You feel the change immediately.

– Emine Fornelius, People & Culture Director, Wolff Olins, OnStage NYC

At TGI Fridays, we have seen tremendous improvement in the communication skills of our leaders who’ve attended OnStage Leadership. They are much better at speaking from their true self.

– Paul Rumsey, VP Global Learning and Development, TGI Fridays

I had Kimberly teach a session to a group of marketing executives at PepsiCo and they all raved that it was one of the best leadership trainings they had ever attended! Highly recommend Kimberly and OnStage Leadership!!!

– Linda Bethea, Senior Director of Marketing, PepsiCo

OnStage Leadership provides some really insightful ideas about leadership and vision. I actually thought this was even more useful for leaders who need help clarifying their mission and understanding what’s important to them and their followers – it’s not just “presentation skills” or “presence”.

– Matt Hoffman, VP People, Digital Ocean, OnStage Leadership NYC


OnStage Leadership is limited to 12 participants. If you are looking for similar content to be delivered to larger groups (up to 25) in shorter time-frames, please contact us to explore possibilities.

For best results, participants attending OnStage Leadership should represent different departments, or come from different locations. It is not recommended to have participants from the same team, or participants with a reporting relationship, attend together.

We offer special pricing for non-profits, education, and government.