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Kimberly Davis, Speaker


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If you want your audience to walk away energized, inspired, and ready to make an impact, look no further.

In addition to leading OnStage Leadership, Kimberly is a sought-after presenter who captivates the hearts and minds of her audiences through her engaging yet intimate style. More conversation than keynote, Kimberly does not perform, she connects – ensuring that every person in your group walks away feeling as if she were speaking to them personally, rather than at them collectively. Kimberly would be a good fit for your group if you want:

  • to simplify and demystify what it takes to influence, have presence, lead, or present powerfully in today’s world, and have your group leave with tangible strategies that they can apply right away.
  • to unleash their ability to get powerful results and inspire them to make an impact.
  • your event to be an experience that makes a difference.

Kimberly tailors all of her presentations to meet your group’s needs, size, timeframe and to fit your event’s theme. Topics include:

Brave Leadership

Based on her book, Brave Leadership: Unleash Your Most Confident, Powerful, and Authentic Self to Get the Results You Need, this inspiring and empowering talk will make it possible for your audience to discover the 6 key shifts to tapping into their best, most authentic and powerful selves to drive constructive action, full engagement, and consistently better results. This talk can be tailored to your audience and time frame and delves into “The 6 Key Shifts For Tapping Into Your Most Confident, Authentic, and Powerful Self.” This rich conversation includes:

  • How your focus of attention defines your bravery (and impacts you mentally, emotionally, and physically) and how to shift your focus to show up and connect more powerfully.
  • An exploration of how the leadership landscape has changed over the past decade and why it’s critical to change the way we lead and influence to get results in this ever-shifting world.
  • What it truly means to be authentic from a leadership/influence perspective and how to make that actionable.
  • The importance of getting clear about what you stand for as a leader – the impact you want to have outside yourself (your Super Objective).
  • The inherent responsibility in being a brave leader.

Cultivating a Powerful Presence

What is that illusive quality that makes it possible for some leaders to capture the hearts and minds of those they lead? Why are some leaders able to generate respect and trust from those both up and down the ladder when others can’t? Learn what the best leaders are doing to command attention, stir others to action, and prepare for consistently high performance.

Remembering Who We Are

With all the demands and stresses we face at work, it’s easy to lose ourselves and thus, our ability to bring our best to the situations we face. Reconnect your audience to their most powerful selves, uncover barriers to success, and help them unleash intrinsic motivation to feel more engaged and energized at work and get the results you need.

Real Influence for Real Results

In the last decade, the world of work has shifted dramatically and old influence strategies are no longer effective. In this highly interactive session Kimberly sparks an awareness around how critical authenticity is to be able to influence in today’s business environment, uncovers barriers to influence, and provides tangible strategies they can take to authentically influence the thoughts, beliefs, and actions of others.

Presenting to Connect

Whether you’re presenting to your organization, your team, to clients, or publically, the whole point of presenting is to really connect with your audience. Unfortunately, many of us get in our own way of connecting as powerfully as we can. Unlock the mysteries of powerful presenting so when the people in your group speak, people listen!

Authentic Influence with the Egyptian Fellows for the Bush Institute’s Women’s Fellowship Program (in partnership with SMU)Executive Presence for the National Hispanic Corporate Council’s Spring Summit in DC held at the Red Cross National HQ (in partnership with SMU)

 Clients and Testimonials

Kimberly has had the opportunity to work with some of the most respected organizations in the world, including: client logos

What a wonderful experience we had having Kimberly Davis in person to share Brave Leadership with our Sales Operations team. When planning a development activity for our organizational team event, I immediately thought of the fantastic book I had just read, BRAVE LEADERSHIP: UNLEASH YOUR MOST CONFIDENT, POWERFUL, AND AUTHENTIC SELF TO GET THE RESULTS YOU NEED. It was filled with insights, strategies, tactical solutions, and it offered perspective beyond your average “leadership” book. It was our great fortune that we were able to schedule an in-person session with Kimberly, and it was the best speaking engagement I have ever seen. So dynamic and engaging! For weeks after, team members have stopped by to say thank you for having her speak or to share a story about the impact she left on them. Thank you for a powerful impact on our team! –  Tawnya Lehtinen, Director, Store Operations, Global Telecommunications Company

Kimberly Davis was instrumental in helping our district kick-off a new year and a new culture under new leadership!  Kimberly’s words and message were not only motivational and inspiring, but more importantly, they were authentic and sincere.  As a result, our 1500 staff members began this school year motivated with a clearer sense of purpose, grit, and balance—looking forward to the difference they would make in every student’s life from day one.  I do not believe we could have found a more qualified and stimulating speaker to deliver a unified message that “brought it home” for all of us. – Dana Salles Trevethan, Superintendent, Turlock Unified School District

Kimberly has the unique ability to connect with people in a short amount of time, which creates the environment for change. She has helped us create a new crop of leaders who know how to connect with and motivate their teams to success. – Cecil Johnson, Director, Learning and Strategy and Leadership Development for a Fortune 35 Pharmaceutical Company.

These are the best evaluations I’ve ever seen!! Congrats! – Kara Richstone, Program Manager, SMU Cox School of Business Executive Education

I hear you were a ROCK STAR at the North Texas Conference Clergy Retreat last week. I received many text messages and my Facebook timeline lit up with your pictures and teachings. – Aleze Fulbright, Dir. of Leadership Development, United Methodist Church of Indiana

At TGI Fridays, we have seen tremendous improvement in the communication skills of our leaders who’ve attended OnStage Leadership. They are much better at speaking from their true self. – Paul Rumsey, VP Global Learning and Development, TGI Fridays

I was very impressed with Kimberly’s unique presentation. I was captured and influenced by her – her passion, enthusiasm, and energy, on the stage and with the audience. She constantly mentioned that communication is all about “connection” with others – and demonstrated it, so I could easily follow her example. – Sunny Yu, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Kimberly’s energy is contagious and makes you excited to learn. She’s genuine, encouraging, and wants you to be the best version of yourself. That means a lot. – Jenn Daniel, Founder, Princess Chambers, Inc.

Kimberly you CONNECT! I am a better me now! Caren, Sales Manger, for a Fortune 35 Pharmaceutical Company.

I loved her energy, passion, and how invested she was in our group. – Stacy Franklin, Director of Operations, TGI Fridays

Kimberly’s passion for leadership, teaching, and connecting with a group is very powerful and uplifting. – Jim Pickett, Director of Operations, TGI Fridays

You are one in a million! I believed you the moment you spoke! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion! – April Matczynski, Director of Operations, TGI Fridays

Kimberly’s style was awesome. The way she connects is super duper awesome!! I’m going to copy. – Gavin Nichols, Branch Manager, Neighborhood Credit Union

Kimberly’s ability to connect to everyone made a huge impact on me. At all times I felt she was addressing me personally, and I think everyone else felt the same. – Jessy Wise, Manager, Loris Gifts

Her enthusiasm and high energy was contagious. She made everyone feel good about themselves and made everyone feel that they could succeed. – Peter Despres, General Manager, TGI Fridays

Kimberly was incredibly inspiring. She demonstrated everything she was teaching us and managed to create a connection with each of us. – Ashley Hopkins, Managing Director of Have a Heart, TGI Fridays

Kimberly unpacked authenticity to a new level. She established the value of connecting with people as a goal to yield amazing results that bring connection and life. – Kim Vastine, Founder/President Ambassador Alliance International

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