Real Resources

There are a number of incredible books we recommend. Among them:


Really wonderful book, completely in alignment with OnStage Leadership. It has strong case studies and data to support how critical it is that leaders show up authentically in the workplace.


This is a terrific book to help you understand how vital “purpose-driven” thinking is in our personal success and in understanding what motivates the people we lead. Highly recommended!


Fantastic resource with an easy assessment to help you identify your EQ. Provides strong strategies for strengthening the areas that are impeding your success in work and life.


Recommended for anyone looking to lead in a way that others will WANT to follow. Echoing what we discuss in OnStage Leadership, that at the heart of leadership is caring.


Great tools that I apply every day.


Outstanding book. If you manage others and want to learn how to maximize your team’s strengths, then you’ll love this book.


This book does a terrific job of building out the business case for one of our most important OnStage points-of-view: that there is power in vulnerability.


I love this author’s courage, as she’s taking on a subject that no one else is willing to confront, but is at the core of professional and personal effectiveness.


So many companies and leaders begin with what and how they do what they do, but the real power lies in your “why”. This is a fantastic book that will help you understand why your Super Objective is one of the most powerful leadership tools you can use.


This is a fantastic resource to better understand your strengths and how to maximize what you do well


I loved this book because it talks about change in a very real and accessible way and provides practical tools to lead through change (that will make a difference in all of your relationships, not just at work!)


This beautiful book helps everyone reclaim their inner-artist. I highly recommend it.


Brilliant book grounded in significant research that explores the price we pay for not living our true selves and strategies to get there.


There are some interesting case studies and tools in this book.


When it comes to books that help you understand your role in driving constructive and effective action, this is one of the best. A great read to get you back on track when you find your results fleeting and yourself feeling less than powerful.


A fantastic book that provides real strategies for dealing with both professional and personal changes in our lives.


This book has some great strategies that can make a difference in dealing with the vast amount of change and uncertainty we all face in today’s business environment.

Some of our favorite video links pertaining to the content we cover in OnStage Leadership:

1.  Dan Pink’s:  Drive, The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

2.  Amy Cuddy’s TED talk:  Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

3.  Brene Brown’s TED talk:  The Power of Vulnerability

4.  Simon Sinek’s TED talk:  How Great Leaders Inspire Action