engaged vidyaLeading others is a massive job and in the face of all of your other responsibilities at work, it can be an overwhelming and daunting task. No longer do you have to wait for a big program to be brought in-house to address the needs of your people.

Do you have a high-achiever on your team who you need to keep engaged and challenged?

Or perhaps you have someone reporting to you who has tremendous potential but something is getting in their way of being as great as you know they can be?

That something could be:

  • Low-confidence
  • Overwhelm or frustration
  • New promotion
  • Change in leadership
  • Uncomfortable speaking in groups
  • Lack of self-awareness or skills

Or perhaps they’re an emerging leader and you’re grooming them for even greater responsibility. No matter how good they already are, you need them to be their best. To be able to tap into the drive, persistence, and discretionary effort of all the people on their team to make a greater impact on the business. To take the reigns in their own career so you can focus on other strategic initiatives.

Great! You’re in the right place! OnStage Leadership has been supporting committed leaders like you for years, building their bench-strength and improving their results.

Our flagship open enrollment program allows you to identify the individuals on your team who would benefit most from focused work around leadership, influence, presence, identifying purpose, and presentation skills.

Limited to a very small group, leaders from a variety of industries and experience-levels to come together to take a massive leap in their leadership journey.(Read about the difference this experience can make.)

In the course of a single day they will:

  • Learn how to escape overwhelm, frustration, and manage stress and anxiety
  • Be able to prepare for high-stakes meetings and conversations for greater success
  • Learn how to influence others
  • Be able to set the direction of their career
  • Be able to present powerfully to groups of all sizes
  • Feel more confident, courageous, satisfied, and purposeful

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