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What rings true for you?

  • Do you feel frustrated, overwhelmed or lost in your career?
  • Do you know you have a ton of potential but you’re having a tough time turning it into results?
  • Do you want to feel more excited about your work, be able to tap into your passion, and make a bigger impact
  • Are you uncomfortable speaking in groups (or simply know you could be so much better)?
  • Do you want to get clear about which direction to take your career?
  • No matter how new or experienced you are with leadership, do you want to emerge as the best leader you can be?

Great! You’re in the right place! OnStage Leadership has helped thousands of leaders all over the world just like you!

Our flagship open enrollment program allows for leaders from a variety of industries and experience-levels to come together in an intimate setting. Whether you’re corporate, non-profit, government, education; have your own small business or work freelance; or even if you’re a leader in transition – if you’re ready to make a massive leap in your leadership journey, here’s your chance! (Read what people just like you are saying!)

Step out of the familiarity of your normal work environment to expand your thinking, explore best leadership practices, and build your personal strategy for on-going success.

In the course of a single day, you will:

  • Learn how to escape overwhelm, frustration, and manage stress and anxiety
  • Be able to prepare for high-stakes meetings and conversations for greater success
  • Learn how to have influence you want to have
  • Be able to set the direction of your career
  • Be able to present powerfully to groups of all sizes
  • Feel more confident, courageous, satisfied, and purposeful

Not bad for a day’s work…

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