Be the Wave

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Back in the Greek mythology days, people believed that when Poseidon was angry or fierce, the ocean’s waves would rage; and when he was feeling more mellow or happy, you’d see that reflected in the water’s smooth surface.  Across the span of time, the power of the ocean has been the stuff of myths, legends, […]

Legacy Building

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“A sobering thought:  what if, right at this very moment, I am living up to my full potential?”    – Jane Wagner It’s confounding.  How one can spend so much energy learning and growing and trying to be better, only to realize you’ve hardly scratched the surface – that you’ve still a ton of work […]

Will You Be There?

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I have a friend and colleague who always asks to get together.  Great guy.  Fun.  Interesting.  It’s always enjoyable to see him.  We eagerly schedule something.  Without fail, he either cancels or has to reschedule.  He routinely schedules other things during the time we’ve planned to meet.  It could be that he’s just disorganized.  It […]

What’s Your Pillar?

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It’s so easy to lose yourself amidst the torrent of opinions out there.  People aren’t shy about telling you what you “should” do, or “should” think.  And it’s great to get multiple perspectives to consider and ideas to try, but how do you hold steady to what you know to be true for yourself or […]

Playing Full Out

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There are moments in time that touch us so deeply that they reinforce the essence of what it means to be human.   Yesterday I had the privilege of seeing Once, the musical, on Broadway and that was how I felt.  It was glorious.  I had seen the indie film years ago, and have been a […]

Keeping Commitments to Yourself

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  Such fun!  My folks are visiting NY for the first time since we’ve moved here and we’re having a ball.  Yesterday was apple picking in Westchester County and today we’re off to the city to explore.  If I had a “normal” job, I would likely take the week off, wanting to soak up all […]

The Courage to Lead

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  I’ve lost track of the number of conversations I’ve had recently around the tough business environment we’re all facing. Companies are having to do more with less; small businesses are suffering; entrepreneurs are casting off dreams; government and education are cutting programs; non-profits have lost their funding; and the number of extraordinarily talented individuals […]

An “Intentional” New Year

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The media loves this time of year. From CNN, to People Magazine, we’re inundated with images of the year’s events – the bad stuff of course – because (they say), good stuff doesn’t make for compelling news.

Today, I invite you to refocus your lens a bit, away from Madoff and Tiger, and zoom-in closer to home. Consider what your year in pictures would reveal. As you flip through your mental calendar of 2009, what do you see? Who shared your days? How did you spend your time? What brought you joy? What images come to mind?

The “Magic If”

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I’m always amazed at how transferable my theatre degree has turned out to be. I never imagined that it would serve me as well as it has and give me tools that I use daily in my personal and business practices. One acting technique that has become the foundation for everything I do is the […]