Have You Had Enough?

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As summer starts to to wind down, the retail world is buzzing with back-to-school sales and offers.  Soon, our kids will be starting the next chapter in their education.  I find myself waiting in nervous anticipation  to see what fourth grade has in store for my little man.

I’m struck by how committed we are as a society to put processes into place to educate our children, and yet for some crazy reason, we think that, as adults, development isn’t necessary.  There are quotes from thousands of respected gurus out there about the value of life-long learning and yet so often we back-burner our own growth, either assuming that we’ll get around to it later, or thinking we already know all we need to know.

I remember a few years ago, my son saying to me one stressful morning, as we were rushing to get him to school on time, “I know enough, mommy.  Why do I need to go to school?”  And I smiled, with visions of unemployment dancing in my head and said, “We all think we know enough.  None of us really do.”

What is enough?

If you get your MBA, is that enough?  When you get a certain title – let’s say “Manager” – is that enough?  What about “General Manager”?  “Director”?  “VP”?  “SVP”?  “CEO”?  If you own your own company, is that enough?  We can all think of people with fancy titles and see what they could stand to work on, yet sometimes in the blur of our own busy lives, it’s hard to catch site of ourselves in the mirror.

So what if we were to just assume, that all of us have things we could work on?  And that if we want the people who report to us, who work for our organizations, who make it possible for our businesses to succeed, to cultivate and bring their best, that we need to model growing ourselves.  That sending “our people” to training isn’t enough.

Imagine an organizational culture where everyone was committed to learning.  Where every person in every position is continually working toward being and bringing their best.  Knowing that, simply because we’re human, it will never be enough.  

Have you had enough?  Probably not.

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