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I just wanted to loop you in on what’s happening on this end. As many of you might remember, I boldly declared that “this is the year for the book” on December 31st, and what I realize is that blogging-daily is cutting into my ability to deliver on that goal.

Soooo….here’s what’s going to happen… I’m going to go back into my archives and will start re-posting pieces I wrote eons ago (well, since 2009) – which, for most of you, will be new content.  I will be posting one new blog weekly (so I won’t be stopping the blogging-thing altogether).  When I took a blogging workshop last year, they told me that the Google Gods don’t like it when you re-post old content (they think you’re stealing), and goodness knows I need the Gods on my side, so instead of finding the whole post in your in-box – when it’s a re-posted-post you’ll find a link that looks like this (and this is really today’s link, not just an example):

Click here to read today’s re-posted post:  Set Yourself Free – Redefining Discipline

As always, thank you so much for all your generous “Likes” and shares – it means more than you know.  Most of the pieces I’ll be re-posting had only been distributed via my ancient newsletter to a small population, so they never really got any social-media-air-time (This is the their time – so if you “Like” them, let them know!).   And please feel free to jump into the conversation – I want this to be a place where you can “get real” about “getting real”!

I’m grateful for all of you!   


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