How Will You Be Different?

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I discovered this morning that I had zipped by blog #200 without even noticing.  A milestone for sure – but totally arbitrary (no one was likely counting blog posts other than me).  The last time I had counted I was in the 180’s and 200 felt so far off that I didn’t even bother calendaring it out.  Surely I would notice when I hit 200, I thought.  And yet it came and went without me even looking up.  No fanfare.  No celebration.  It passed as quietly as the moon at sunrise.

I don’t honestly know how many of you read my blog.  I know my parents read (thanks, mom and dad!).  And I know there are a few of you who have been kind enough to join me on this journey and with all my heart I hope that it has made a difference for you.  What I know for sure, is the difference it has made in me has been tremendous.  I’ve learned to count on myself in ways that I didn’t before.  To stick with something when it feels hard.  To find my voice in the cacophony of all the voices out there straining to be heard.  To trust myself.  To open myself up and lean into the vulnerability of it all in attempt to connect in a more meaningful way.  To you and to me.

And that’s what it’s all about in my mind – connection.

Leadership is about  connection.  Are you connecting or not to the people you lead?  If not, you cannot lead.

Presenting is about connection.  Are you connecting to your audience.  If not, you’re wasting your time.

It’s *all* about connection.  Are we connecting with each other, for real?  If not, why not?

And it begins with connecting with ourselves.  With telling ourselves the truth about what we think and feel and how we’re showing up in the world.  About what’s getting in the way of being more connected.  About taking responsibility for our part in the whole.  About getting real.

I received the most wonderful gift last Friday.  Out of the blue a former-participant-turned-friend called me.  It was awesome to hear his voice.  It had been a year since we had met and I had asked him in an email exchange earlier that day what had changed for him over the course of the year.  “So much has changed.  I’m different – more real – so people are responding to me differently,” he said, as he went on to share some examples of the amazing things that had transpired.

And I think that’s true for all of us – when we’re different – more real – the world will respond in turn.

So today’s blog is 205… the next milestone…300!  Who knows what will take place between now and then… for either of us?  Who knows what will take place in your life between now and then?  What do you want to happen?  What do you hope to create?  What might be possible?

How, when you hit your next milestone, will you be different?


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