How Committed Are You?

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We attended the most beautiful wedding this weekend at the Boston Public Library.  As I sat there in the glorious courtyard listening to the most joyous woman I’ve ever seen officiating the ceremony and watching my friends embark on their journey together, I thought about what it means “to commit”.  For real.

One of the things that we talk about a lot in OnStage is how, when you name what you stand for – your purpose, or mission, what we call your “Super Objective” –  in active language, it puts you on an active path.  It’s not just a nice, cerebral thing that sounds good, and might look good printed on a coffee mug for your office, but it’s something that lives in action.  It’s not simply philosophical.

For example, let’s say something you sincerely feel in your heart is: “I believe in respect and dignity for all people”.  It is a core belief.  It’s good to know your beliefs – they help you understand yourself and the world around you.  But beliefs are, in my opinion, just a starting point.  They are a foundation, but they don’t necessarily change behavior.  For one can believe in respect and dignity all day long – you can believe, and believe, and believe – but that won’t change a thing.  To believe lives in your head (and maybe heart) – but not necessarily in your actions.

If we were to translate “I believe in respect and dignity for all people” into Super Objective language, we might say “I champion respect and dignity for all people”.  “To champion” is active – it lives in action.  One cannot champion from the sidelines.  To champion is going to require something of you.  It’s going to require that you stand up for people who you perceive are being treated disrespectfully.  It requires that you find something to respect about people you don’t like (if you are a truly a champion for ALL – not just people like you).  It requires that you find a way to communicate with others in a way that they experience you being respectful.   To champion isn’t going to be easy – but if that’s truly what you stand for, it will put you on an active path toward bringing it to fruition.  Your actions would be more consistently in alignment with your words and beliefs.

So let’s go back to what got me thinking about this in the first place – “to commit”.   I wonder how many of us, when we “commit”, do it more cerebrally than actively?  Do our commitments live in our actions or are they simply lovely words that sound good and look good on a Hallmark card?  What does it mean, in terms of action, “to commit”?

To commit in our relationships?

To commit to our work?

To commit to making an impact?

To commit to being and bringing our best?

To commit. For real.

For I think commitment has become largely philosophical in our world.

I’m not saying that I’ve got it all figured out, but today, I’m re-evaluating.  When I “commit” how active are my commitments?  For if they’re simply nice words, one thing is for certain, nothing is going to change.

How committed are you?


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