Chasing Your Best Self

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Superhero Girl In A Red

Ever since I first saw him in A Time to Kill, I’ve had a big-time crush on Matthew McConaughey.  Now, admittedly, back then, it really had nothing to do with his acting his ability.  I harbored love for Matthew and my husband for Charlize Theron, and both of us felt pretty confident that that our marriage was safe.  So after 18 years of following his career, probably much like the other 20 million who’ve loved him through good films and bad, it was especially poignant to see Matthew McConaughey take the stage to accept his Oscar for best actor for Dallas Buyer’s Club.  While the cynics seem to disagree (the penchant for snarkiness never ceases to amaze me) his acceptance speech made me love him all the more.

What an interesting idea, to think of your future-self as your hero – the person you’ll never become but aspire to be.  I found that brilliant.  Think about what that requires of you.  The responsibility involved.  To yourself.  It demands that you always learn and grown and find ways to be better – to make powerful choices.  It demands that you respect yourself enough to see that potential – but recognize that you’ve got a long way to go.  It forces you to examine your habits and interactions and thinking.  It requires that you own your mistakes and clean them up along the way.  It mandates initiative and commitment – that you find the courage to overcome fears, the boldness to own your gifts, and the humility to recognize how you can improve.  It makes you become someone who takes action to make a difference – a person worthy of looking up to.  A hero.

For what is a hero if not the person we aspire to be?


And darn cute too.

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