What Makes You Shine?

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A couple of weeks ago I led OnStage Leadership for a very special group of creatives.  Extraordinarily talented and insightful, the group reminded me about how powerful it is to name the unique gifts that we bring.  Over the course of the day they dug deep – excavating what it is that drives them internally.  What, when they do it, gives them energy.  And as they started to peel away the layers and gain clarity, I could see them, one by one, light up from within.

I’m not kidding.

This isn’t just some “fuzzy-bunny” description, what was happening in the room was visceral.  You could feel it.  The group, made up primarily of introverts, hadn’t realized how the way they individually looked and interacted with the world made a difference.  That, while they were assigned similar jobs, they each played a unique role in what made them successful as a team for they all brought something different to the table.

Companies are filled with jobs to be done, but no two people bring the same thing.  We forget.  People aren’t manufactured to simply do a job, we each bring something special.  Instead of trying to fit complex human beings into a job box, what if we were to leverage the talents we have?

In your company, what if you had a group of people with similar jobs and similar titles who were all focused on doing what they do best?  Perhaps one person is committed to integrity, while another works passionately to simplify things, and someone else questions everything to raise the bar, and another cares deeply about the customer’s experience, and you’ve got someone who is passionate about facilitating understanding, and one sees the value in others when they don’t see it in themselves.  And maybe they have a leader who is committed to creating a safe place for her team so that they can listen so deeply that they can truly see what most people cannot.  What kind of team could this be, with such different but complimentary gifts?

What if the work people perform for their company was not just a job and but an expression of who they are?  How might that change the work that gets done?

As the creatives and I sat around the table, mentally exhausted from hours of introspection and exploration, I watched them see the power in their team – their awareness that  each one of them played a critical role in creating the best end result.  It was magical.

Are people at your company doing a job or leveraging their best selves?  Are you?  If you care about results, it might be worth asking the question:  “What do you do, that makes you shine?”

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