When to Say “When”

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bigstock-Rusty-Metal-Bucket-39412198There are days that I would love to have a clone.  Today is one of those days.  As evening approaches and I realized that I had not yet written a blog, the sinking awareness that I needed to accept the fact that today’s blog may not be “all that” hit me.  And then I thought…I bet many of you bump up against this kind of thing too – days when there’s just not enough of you to go around.

My strategy today is to own it and move on.

I think far too often I’ve wasted energy in beating myself up for not getting it all done, or pushing myself to the point of not-niceness, or I lose my sense of purpose in my rush toward completion.  But if we make it to the finish-line and the cost outweighs the benefits, have we really moved ahead?

I’m not saying that there’s not days we won’t need to push ourselves like crazy to get more done – but I am saying that a little mindfulness around what we’d like to get done and what we must get done could be useful.  It’s easy to confuse the two.

And knowing where we fall, personally, on that list of priorities wouldn’t hurt.  For if we need to be our best to bring our best, perhaps we might want to consider putting ourselves higher up on that priority list.   I’m pretty sure that there’s not a lot of greatness that falls from an empty bucket.

Maybe the key is simply to know when to say “when”.   Hmmm….


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