Livin’ the Dream

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bigstock-Girl-s-Silhouette-At-The-Sun-11389523I’m wiped and happy.  But isn’t that the best feeling in the world?  To feel as if you’ve spent every ounce of energy you have doing something you believe in, and then get to fall in bed totally spent?  My dream is that we all get to experience this feeling.

So often people fantasize that their  dream-life would be living a life a leisure.  That they’d not have a care in the world or responsibilities weighing them down.  But I actually think that we feel most alive when we’re giving it our all to make a positive impact.

At least that’s true for me.  But I’m so tired I can hardly think straight, because I’m coming off a two-program week this week.  But you know what?  It didn’t feel like work.  If I were to label it, the word that comes to mind (and this feels a bit weird, and fancy, and woo-woo to say, but it’s what truth is for me), is actualization

And that’s a pretty cool thing.

In my book, that’s livin’ the dream.

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