A Day of Gratitude

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Today is a day of gratitude.  After spending the day with eight extraordinary people and watching them accomplish amazing things, I feel truly grateful.  And, after yesterday’s blog, I’ve had dear friends reaching out who I haven’t talked to in eons, re-living our days at the Charleston Cafe…  Beautiful memories.  I feel so grateful today.   Is there a better feeling in the world?

As I type this, what comes up for me is the awareness that “feeling grateful” is a choice.  It doesn’t have to be something we wait for, or something we save for special occasions (like, for me, OnStage Leadership days).  What’s showing up for me now, is all the times in my life, when I could have been experiencing this peaceful, glorious feeling of gratitude, but instead I focused on what I didn’t have, didn’t accomplish, on what wasn’t possible…  How different those moments in my life might have been, had I seen how fortunate I really was…

How powerful that is.   Our ability to choose.

What would change in our lives if we could choose gratitude as our modus-operandi?  If, instead of thinking we weren’t skinny enough, or pretty enough, or fit enough, or rich enough, or successful enough, or that we didn’t accomplish enough, or don’t have enough, or weren’t enough…if we were to look at our lives and see what we have, instead of focusing on what we perceive we don’t, what would change?

In our relationships.

In the way we experience ourselves.

Experience our lives.

I imagine a lot.

This is what I’m marinating on (I’m typing this at 11:25pm), as I start to nod off tonight (heck, I was up at 4:30am this morning, people!) – all that I am grateful for.  And all that I want to remember to be more grateful for tomorrow.

Maybe you too have more to be grateful for than you realize?  Might be worth thinking about.

Just sayin’

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    […] Yesterday morning, thanks to the work I am fortunate to do with SMU’s Cox School of Business’ Executive Ed Program, I spent four pinch-me-is-this-my-life hours with an inspiring group of Tunisian women who have traveled to the US with the Bush Institute’s Women‘s Initiative Fellowship program.   I felt quite spoiled, as I think I learned as much from them – from their thoughtful questions, the rich discussion, and the insight that followed – as they gained from me.  They reminded me that most of what I know and teach is simply an amalgamation of all I have learned from the participants who have so fully and courageously shown-up in my sessions.   Together, we grown and learn, enriching one-another’s understanding of what it means to be an authentic leader and to influence powerfully.  As I finished the session, looking out at the group of extraordinary group of Tunisian women who will no doubt shape the future of their country, I felt completely overcome by emotion.  I think it is one of the greatest thrills of my life to watch these women step into their power and get clear about their purpose.   An exhilarating high.  I felt grateful. […]

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