What Would They Say About You?

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Yesterday, after all the presents were released into the wild and the boys went to check out the new Skylanders that showed up under the tree, I tiptoed upstairs for some mommy-quiet-time and found myself watching 2013 Paleyfest interviews of the Nashville cast on Hulu.  I expected escape, not inspiration, but what the actors had to say about their music producer, T Bone Burnett blew me away.   I played it over-and-over-and-over again to capture it for you and was inspired each time.

(Charles Esten – who plays Deacon Claybourne) “The name T Bone Burnett is insta-credit..  But what you suddenly find out the minute you ‘re with him in the studio is why he has that instant credit.  It’s not just a name that came out of nowhere it’s based on a career and a lifetime of ferocious dedication to the very best in music and it’s from those years and wisdom that he is able to then give that to us.   And what that becomes for all of us, is a stable ground to fly from.  To just jump off.  To feel…because you need feel that that kind of freedom.  Because we’re all very nervous – to put our selves out there.  But there’s a safety required to soar  as much as you might.  And without that safety you’re hesitant.   You don’t go all the way.   You don’t trust yourself.  But as soon as you’re  feeling that utter safety…  That you knownothing is going to get through this net that isn’t going to be as excellent as it can be – then you’re like…”Alright, I can try that.  Alright, I can try that.  Alright, let’s go there.”  And we all feel safe enough to just go for it.”

(Connie Britton – who plays Rayna Jaymes) “There’s no way that I could have done this if I didn’t have, not only his expertise and his wisdom and his brilliance – but also his kindness and his generosity and his collaboration and…he’s like a music whisperer.”

As you think about the impact you want to have in 2014, I encourage you to consider what would you like the people you lead, the people who share your work and your life, to say…if they were being interviewed.  If they were to talk about you.

When you’re not around to hear it.

What would they say about you?

What would you like them to say?

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  1. Matthew Hirst
    December 27, 2013

    Alas, Kimberly, people openly observe that I am short, bald, and middle-aged, and I have mastered the art of snarkiness. 😉 This is a thoughtful and timely post, Kimberly. I recall well at my father’s funeral about 20 years ago that no one talked about how skilled an engineer he was or how successful his career was or could have been. Instead, they talked about his honesty, his willingness to help them, and his unwavering integrity. It’s worth observing here that a recent poll lists Pope Francis’ approval rate over 90% among Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Even agnostics and atheists profess a deep admiration for him. In contrast, Congress’ approval rate is at an historic low, the president’s approval rate is in the mid 40s, and corporate leaders don’t generally fare much better. There’s an important message here for us all: Character matters. Wishing you and yours a personally and professionally rewarding 2014. Matt

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