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I can’t tell you how many amazing people I meet – talented, bright, passionate individuals – who hold themselves back or get in their own way.  (By the way, I can’t claim to be immune to this myself…few of us are.)  Who don’t see their own awesomeness.  They feel it.  Their organizations certainly feel it.  Their friends and family feel it.   What if we could find a way to allow ourselves to be as awesome as we really are?  What would be possible?

The conflict between what one is and who one is expected to be touches all of us.  And sometimes, rather than reach for what we could be, we choose the comfort of the failed role, preferring to be the victim of circumstance, the person who didn’t have a chance.

– Merle Shaine

What if we were committed to doing whatever it takes to bring out our best?  Maybe it’s seeking professional help to get rid of the stuff that’s holding us back?  Maybe it’s allowing the people around us to support us?  Maybe it’s being kinder to ourselves?  Maybe it’s surrounding ourselves with people who won’t allow us to be less than we are.

Something that Lou Tice said, when I had the privilege of attending one of his last “Weekend with Lou” sessions at the Pacific Institute in Seattle a few years back, stuck with me.  Lou and his wife had adopted many children.  Some had very tragic pasts and found themselves, as teenagers, in loads of trouble.  During those times, Lou would bridge their belief in themselves and remind them, “You are better than this!”

We forget.

We all need to know that there’s “better” inside us, when we’re not feelin’ it.  When we’re not bringin’ it.  It’s there.

If you forget, let me know.  I’ll remind you.

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