Here’s to Great Days!

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Something my friend Mike Cook has said, that stuck with me (and he may have been quoting someone, but I honestly can’t remember), is that (and forgive me Mike, if I don’t get this exactly right!) he hoped, at the end of his life, to have been all spent.  That he will have lived to the fullest – using all of his talents and energy toward something that matters so that there’s nothing left to give.  And while I’m prayin’ that I’ve a whole lot of life left to live, today I can honestly say that I’m fully spent.

Today I passed the hours with an extraordinary group of women (the first all-female group in six years!) doing OnStage Leadership, and I’m inspired and grateful and spent.

And that, in my book, is a pretty great day.  And before I crash, I just wanted to give thanks.

May we all experience more great days that leave us spent!

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