Going the Distance

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It’s hard to believe!  Today is the 100th blog post since I started this daily-blogging-journey in July.  It is only fit that it lands on the week of Thanksgiving, as it’s given me so much for which to be thankful.

This feels a bit like the 18-mile training walk I did in anticipation of the 3-Day, 60-mile Breast Cancer Walk years ago. My team of Amazing Women spent all year, in 2004, training – in the rain (buckets of it – we were in Seattle), in the wind, in the fog, in the hot sun.  You get to know a lot about people, going the distance together.  You learn to trust one another.  To count on one another.  To borrow energy from one another when you’re feeling down or tired.  Together, you cheer each other on to greater distances than anyone thought possible.

And so many of you have gone the distance with me.  While this blogging-thing started out as my journey, I’ve been humbled and privileged by your emails and postings – sharing your stories, your challenges, your wins.  Your hearts. I’ve no question in my mind that this 100th post was not accomplished alone, but through the power of a community much bigger than myself.

When I started OnStage Leadership five years ago (Five years ago?!  How has time passed so quickly??!)  I didn’t want it to be about a training program – I wanted it to be something bigger.  I had envisioned creating a community of people who, like me, hungered to be their best real self – who wanted to make a positive impact.

To support one another when the whole being-real-thing feels scary, and to bridge each others’ confidence when taking action feels hard.  To find the constructive path when the fastest path looks tempting.  It’s a pretty powerful thing – community.

In Dallas, after our first year in business, we had a big party to celebrate.  Our first Graduate Reunion.  That year, we had 100 people attend OnStage Leadership, and over 80 people showed up at that event.  It was magical.  The birth of a community.

With the 3-Day, our 18-mile-training-walk was just the beginning.  We still had 60 long miles to go.  But achieving that milestone helped us know that we had what it takes.  That together, we could do the miles.  Something none of us could have – or would have – done on our own.

100 blogs – a milestone.   An affirmation that, together, we can go the distance.

Thank you for joining the journey!

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  1. Anthony A. Kung
    November 27, 2013

    … and I was one of those 80 in attendance!!!! We’re here for you Ms Director! Thank you for leading that journey as it continues to this very day! 🙂

  2. Kimberly
    November 27, 2013

    Yes! Anthony, you are one of the stars of every OnStage event!

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