Designing Productivity

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bigstock-Concept-Of-Idea-Generation-Pr-45291154Such a productive day!  I’ve been knocking things off the list all day long and it feels great!  But it’s been interesting to stand outside myself and observe.  What I noticed is that the more to-do-focused I am, the less creative I seem to be.  I suspected that I wasn’t alone in this, so I did some quick research and ran across this article about creativity and productivity that I thought was particularly interesting.

Now think about it.  Many organizations expect people to do both simultaneously.  You need to get a ton done, and oh, but the way, bring fresh ideas to your next meeting, find a creative solution to your client’s nagging problem, and put together a jaw-dropping PowerPoint deck for the upcoming conference.  Is it any wonder that that balls on our to-do’s get dropped and our creative efforts are sub-par?

What if (go with me here) we could actually be real with the fact that these two ways of thinking are very different beasts and plan accordingly?  If we could make the time and space for creative endeavors to breathe so that we actually bring something new to the game?  If we could siphon off a day (or two, or three) where nobody could interrupt us and we could just get a ton of stuff done?  What if?

Because leaders (on whatever rung we find ourselves) have more power than we realize.  More power to choose.  We don’t have to just survive the day by going from one fire to the next – expecting our brains to fall in line accordingly.  Delivering mediocre results when we’re capable of so much more.  We can actually design how we spend our day.  Then of course we’d need to make time to be creative, wouldn’t we?

But it’s up to you.  Are you after real results or not?

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