Seeing Magic

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bigstock-smiling-boy-29242961The day began blustery and cold.  By 8am, it was snowing.  Hard.  Thick, white flakes camouflaging us from the neighborhood, erasing all the color in the scene as if it were penned by disappearing ink.  On our brief walk to school yesterday morning, in the first snow of the year, I regaled my kiddo with I-remember-whens of my childhood.  Catching snowflakes on my tongue.  Watching my breath, like smoke-signals, fill the air.  Wiggling my toes in my boots so they’d not go numb while waiting for the school bus.

I can’t say that, at the time, I thought there was anything special about those things.  In fact, I suspect (knowing my preference for sunshine and warmth) that I complained.

Sometimes we don’t see the magic that is right in front of us.

By 11am, the snow had stopped.  By 11:30, all traces of it had disappeared.  As if it had never been.

Like magic.

I surprised myself yesterday.  I actually felt a little sad when I looked outside, expecting to see snow and all I found were wet leaves.  Leaves that today, as I look out my window writing this, are dancing in the sunlight, celebrating this gorgeous fall day.  And I’m left with an awareness that there is so much beauty in our world, if we can just be present with it and see.

Life is too short to approach our days like Atlas, carrying the world on our back – a heavy burden to bear.  We get so busy trying to get things done, to please others, to do more and be more and go, go, go, that we forget to take the time to appreciate what is right in front of us.  The little things.

If we truly wish to be our most amazing selves, maybe it begins with paying attention to all that is amazing outside ourselves.  By taking the time to really see.

To see the magic.


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  1. Jack D
    November 18, 2013

    What a glorious group of blogs!Each has a special meaning whether is is truly sensing what is around you or what motivates you.Thanks so much,JD

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