My Way or the Highway

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bigstock-A-road-into-water-25191494We’ve all done it before – just charged ahead with our own agenda without paying attention to what’s going on with the other people in the space.  Not typically our shining moment.

Of course what we want and need, in our minds, is paramount.  So paramount that others should want and need the same thing (or at least recognize the wisdom in doing it our way).  Bad sadly, if we really care about the outcome – if we want to influence – our way can’t define the best way.  Those pesky emotions mess everything up.  We can ignore them, but that’s like trying to contain an elephant.  Good luck with that!

One of the things that has been so useful about having spent time in the theatre, is that I learned a long time ago how beneficial it is to be able to step into someone’s shoes.  When we can look at a situation from a different perspective, we can better align our actions for success.  If not on the outset, then at least we can figure out where things went south and get them back on track.

Because if it’s results we’re after, then instead of leading us down the path to success, “my way” may simply be the highway to nowhere.


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