Refueling for Greatness

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You know, I started in this morning with a list a mile-long.  Telling myself, “Get to it!  Nose to the grindstone!  Get to work!”  And then I thought…  No.

You know what?  Yesterday I was up at 4am prepping and spent my day giving it everything I’ve got.  It was heaven on earth.  There’s nothing better in life than to give everything you have for something you believe in.  It’s what it means to be fully alive.

And so, today I’m spent.  I’m still feeling that tingling sensation I get from living out loud.  And instead of forcing something that’s not there, I’m going to step back.  Breath.  And give thanks.

I don’t think we do that often enough.  Especially in today’s business climate.  We hit one deadline and then we’re off to the next before we’ve even stopped to acknowledge a job well done.  If we want to bring our best, if we want the people we lead to bring theirs, then we have to make time to refuel.  Nothing great gets done on fumes.

And you’re up to great things, right?


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