Life’s Priorities

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I spent the day running around like a crazy-person getting ready for tomorrow’s session.  A total stress-ball.  Every detail was so important.  The stakes felt high.

Then I got home and received a phone call that one of my dear friends is very ill.  It put things in perspective.

I’m not sure why this is a lesson I need to learn over-and-over again, but there it is.  I forget what is most important in life.

Our business deals are important.  The quality of our work is important.  Hitting deadlines is important.  Networking is important.  Negotiating is important.  Everything.  So important.

And yet, in the scheme of things, how important is it all?  When we’re looking at the big picture that is our life and not just this week’s insanity, what will we care about?  What will we be proud of?

I don’t mean to demean the value of  work.  A big chunk of our life is spent navigating work’s ups and downs.  But perhaps we should find a way to engage with it differently?  To soak up the things we love, to play full out, to do everything we can in our quest to bring out our best self.  Because maybe then it would be worth the time of our life.

Tomorrow I have a session filled with, what I suspect to be, amazing people.  I plan on giving it everything I’ve got.  On savoring every moment.  Because today I was reminded that our moments are to be treasured, not taken for granted.

In your big picture, what are your life’s priorities?


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