The Beauty of Change (by Guest Blogger, Matt Levin)

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Matt's leavesWhy do leaves turn colors in the fall?

It’s a good question, the biologist would start to explain, all the chemical changes in the tree.  An artist would say, to provide inspiration.  A child would say, so we can have a BIG leaf pile and play!!

But in general, trees turn color in response to change.  Change of seasons and temperature start the process.  Leaves turning color is just the first step in slowing down the tree’s metabolism.  Eventual shedding all it leaves to avoid damage, from the heavy burden of snow and ice in winter.   It is a self-protection mechanism more than anything.

We experience change on a daily basis, we have to cope, adapt and thrive in a changing environment… Much like a tree heading into Fall.  Sometimes our reaction to change is beautiful and sometimes not so much.   How do we continue to change… beautifully… for the better?


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