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What a glorious Fall morning it is here in the Northeast!  This morning, when I was out for my daily 5 mile walk, I did a lot of noticing.  I don’t think we notice enough.  So often our heads are filled with competing priorities and chewing on the latest issues, that we stroll right by all the wonders in our path.  Today I noticed.

I noticed how quickly the colors of fall have transformed my neighborhood.

I noticed that acorns were littering the pathways and I had to walk more carefully.

I noticed dogs barking.

And birds singing.

And joggers jogging.

I noticed how warm it was for the end of September, and savored it in anticipation of winter’s approach.

I noticed the sun’s light bouncing off the leaves.

I noticed how hard the gardeners were working.

I noticed that my body felt good exercising and being outside.

I noticed a tiny twinge in my left knee.

I noticed myself noticing.

I noticed that noticing made me feel much happier than not noticing.

It seems so simple.  To notice.  And yet so many of us (myself included) allow our attention to get swept away with the tide of events.

There will always be something to grumble about politically.  There will always be things going on in the world that will ignite controversy.  There will always be people who disappoint us, with whom we disagree, who frustrate us, and those we don’t like.

We can scatter our focus like paint on a Pollock canvas and wonder why we feel so overwhelmed, or we can stop.  And notice.

Notice that there’s a lot of wonderful gifts right in front of us.  In every step of our journey.

If we just notice.


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