My Way or the Highway

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We’ve all done it before – just charged ahead with our own agenda without paying attention to what’s going on with the other people in the space.  Not typically our shining moment. Of course what we want and need, in our minds, is paramount.  So paramount that others should want and need the same thing […]

Coralling Bravery

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When I was eight years old, going into the 4th Grade, my family moved into my parents’ dream home.  Perched on the top of a large hill, overlooking the valley, with Montana’s Mission Mountains as the backdrop, you would think we had purchased a piece of paradise.  My Dad, having grown up in Texas, had […]

Will You Be There?

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I have a friend and colleague who always asks to get together.  Great guy.  Fun.  Interesting.  It’s always enjoyable to see him.  We eagerly schedule something.  Without fail, he either cancels or has to reschedule.  He routinely schedules other things during the time we’ve planned to meet.  It could be that he’s just disorganized.  It […]

Out-of-the-Box Thinking

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We love to put something in a box.  To know where it fits.  It helps us makes sense of it.  We sort and categorize and define without even realize we’re doing it. This is “good” – this is “bad”. This “will work” – this “won’t work”. This “fits here” – this “fits there”. But in […]

Refueling for Greatness

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You know, I started in this morning with a list a mile-long.  Telling myself, “Get to it!  Nose to the grindstone!  Get to work!”  And then I thought…  No. You know what?  Yesterday I was up at 4am prepping and spent my day giving it everything I’ve got.  It was heaven on earth.  There’s nothing […]

Life’s Priorities

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I spent the day running around like a crazy-person getting ready for tomorrow’s session.  A total stress-ball.  Every detail was so important.  The stakes felt high. Then I got home and received a phone call that one of my dear friends is very ill.  It put things in perspective. I’m not sure why this is […]

Do They Choose You?

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So much has changed in the world of leadership during the past decade.  What used to be considered “good leadership” no longer works, as it’s a different world.  In the past, people would go to work and, in exchange for a paycheck, they’d get security.  No more. In the past, leaders could control the dissemination […]

What’s Your Pillar?

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It’s so easy to lose yourself amidst the torrent of opinions out there.  People aren’t shy about telling you what you “should” do, or “should” think.  And it’s great to get multiple perspectives to consider and ideas to try, but how do you hold steady to what you know to be true for yourself or […]

Setting a New Course

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One of the reasons having clarity about what I stand for has been helpful, is that it makes it possible for me course-correct when I find myself reacting to situations instead of bringing my best.  As those of you fabulous human beings who read my blog regularly know, my Super Objective (what drives me as […]

Are You a Finger-Pointer?

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It’s impossible to escape these days.  All the finger-pointing going on.  Facebook is flooded with it.  Our media is flooded with it.  It’s become our modus operandi as a culture.  If you post a good rant, you’re rewarded with thousands of likes and followers, so ranting has become the cool thing to do.  I’ve even […]