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view from the deck in Damariscotta

View from deck, Damariscotta, Maine

Last day of vacation.  This has been my view in the mornings, sitting on the deck writing my blog.  I sit here this morning, savoring the moment.  Such beauty.  I want to take it all in.  The salty-briny smell from the water infusing the air, the wind chimes tinkling in the breeze, how delicious hot coffee seems to taste when I drink it outside in nature, the feel of the wind on my fingers as I type – so different from working in my office.  I want to relish this moment for as long as I can.

What comes up for me, as I try desperately to capture this moment with all my senses, is how many moments in life I’ve let slip away without experiencing them so richly.  I’m so busy running from one thing to the next that I forget how important it is to take it all in.

Last summer my kiddo and I were reading the Cam Jansen Mystery series.  Cam is a girl-genius who loves to solve mysteries.  With her photographic memory, she can walk into any situation and remember every single detail.  When she wants to remember something for later, she simply looks around and says, “Click!” and it’s captured forever.

We were out canoeing earlier this week when, from behind me in the boat I hear eigh-year-old-Jeremy say, “Click!”  We both laughed at our inside joke that my husband didn’t understand.  “Isn’t this awesome, Mom?!  I want to remember it forever!”  It was awesome indeed.

I wish we all could do that.   How cool would that be?!  To capture the moments you wanted to remember forever just by saying, “Click!”

But maybe it is that simple.  Maybe the act of recognizing that there are moments to be captured is the key.

I work with so many people who hunger for that sense of satisfaction and happiness at work and in life.  Leaders and emerging leaders who are working crazy hours and have often forgotten why they’re doing what they’re doing in the first place.  What’s it all about?

Well maybe “what it’s all about” isn’t just in hitting the deadlines, in going from one meeting to the next, in landing the “big one” – whatever that may be.  Maybe the satisfaction we seek is to be found in all the moments in between?  In the amazing architecture we see as we walk to work.  In the look of gratitude in someone’s eyes when we bridge their confidence. In the smell of fresh ground coffee as we wait in line at Starbucks.  In the energy we create in a team meeting when we inspire people to bring their best.  In the cacophony of sounds that make up the music of the city.  So many moments to be captured that we let slip by.

Yes.  I’m on vacation and it’s easy to find the moments here.  Life has slowed down.  But my sincere hope is that this time away has given me the chance to recognize all I have to be grateful for.  To, when I return to my normal routine, experience that there is satisfaction and happiness all around – it just needs to be captured.



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