What Do You Stand For?

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bigstock_Abstract_Background_4461519Imagine that there is a big dart board about 30 feet in front of you.  You are blindfolded.  What are your chances of hitting the bullseye?  Unless you are a world-champion dart player, I suspect you might have difficulty.

Now, imagine the same dart board looms in front of you and you take the blindfold off.  What happens?  Now that you can see the bullseye, you know where it is, you can do something about it.  You can strategize.  Maybe you need to throw the dart a different way.  Maybe adjust your aim.  Maybe you need to get a dart mentor.  Whether you’re a great dart player or not, because you can see the target you have options.  Your likelihood of getting a bullseye goes up exponentially simply because you can see what you’re trying to hit.

That’s what it’s like when you know what you stand for as a leader.  Your purpose.  With clarity, you can strategize, you can make sure your actions are in alignment with what you stand for, and if they’re not, you can clean it up to ensure that your relationships and results are intact (Brian Silvernell’s “Super Objective Spotlight illustrates this beautifully).

So often in life we spend our energy trying to hit the target to no avail.  We’re throwing darts all over the place but since we can’t clearly articulate what we stand for – since we’re blindfolded – we have little hope of hitting the target.  We want to feel motivated, satisfied and fulfilled.  We think aiming for a certain title, or an amount of money, or landing the “big client” will get us there.  That finally when we achieve the illusive picture of happiness and success all will be perfect with the world.   But those things are simply bi-products.

Today I encourage you to get curious about what you stand for – as a leader – as person.  What is the impact you want to have outside yourself?  What’s your purpose?  Work on gaining clarity about that, and what you’re aiming for will become clear.


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