Super Objective Spotlight (featuring Brian Silvernell)

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bigstock_Stage_Light_Beam_8091319I would have to say that the simple exercise of coming up with a “Super Objective” was anything but simple.  When I first arrived for my Onstage Leadership seminar, this was the last thing on my mind.  I was certain that I was to leave the theater having learned to own the spotlight and captivate an audience.  I would be destined for greatness in the arena of public speaking and everyone in the room would hang on my every word.  Well, it wasn’t long before I realized that the end result of the painstaking self examination and revisiting of my themes would result in helping me find my voice and clarify my own message and ultimately, communicate better with my teams.

I have been very fortunate throughout my life and my career to have some amazing mentors and resources to help me grow as a leader.  I have had the honor of being a part of some amazing teams in my life.  As an athlete and as a coach I have always been compelled by the concept of team accomplishments.  An old coach of mine taught me very early on in my life that it was the higher road to make personal sacrifices for the benefit of the team.  Individual accomplishments never held the same gratification for me as did those of the team.  If I win, great, but if we win, amazing!  I never felt great about a four for four day at the plate when the team lost by five. Still, defining what I really stood for as a leader has only recently been named.  One Team, One Goal! It’s hard for me to imagine that a message that has resonated so loudly through my actions has never seen the light of day as a self realization.  The impact of that realization has helped me pull my teams and other leaders in directions that I had previously never experienced.

In the world of multi unit leadership that I have recently entered, the task of compelling seven great leaders to move as a unit can be very challenging.  Often times we forget that every decision we make has the potential to affect everyone else on the team.  Our individual goals will sometimes need to be trumped by our obligation to the larger purpose and vision of the company.  Any group of well intentioned leaders, operating on their own, can and will drive some impressive results at times.  A TEAM of well intentioned leaders can move mountains. My Super Objective travels with me everywhere I go on a tattered and handwritten card in my wallet.  I will often look at the statement, One Team, One Goal and ask myself if the interaction that I just had with one of my General Managers stayed on point with this goal.  If not, I go back inside and recalibrate my objective.

Now, as I imagine that I will someday have that audience dangling on my every word and completely wrapped around my finger, I imagine that the message that I will be delivering is one that is focused on my Super Objective and my mission of One Team, One Goal!



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