The Disciplined Path. Because of What It Will Make Of You

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Discipline.  I’ve never much liked that word.  I wrote a post about my dislike of discipline more than four years ago (you can read that here), and here I am again back at it.  Struggling.

A long time ago I heard a Jim Rohn quote that has stuck with me – “Become a millionaire because of what it makes of you.”.  Now truth be known, I’m not driven by money (my husband wishes I were a tad more driven by money than I am), so becoming a millionaire isn’t something that really lights me up. But when I heard that quote, to me it was advising me to create the biggest vision possible and to take action toward that – because of what it will make of me.  That requires two things:  big vision + disciplined path of action.

Now some of us don’t allow ourselves to dream big.  A big vision is for other people, surely not for me, right?  Wrong.  A big vision is something that is available to all of us, if we choose it.  No one was born more vision-worthy than you.  But your vision doesn’t have to look like it fell out of Conde Nast or Architectual Digest Magazine – your vision can be whatever you choose it to be.  A nurturing home.  A team that truly cares about you and goes above and beyond what they’re asked.  Deep friendships.  Work that is meaningful.  A healthy mind and body.  Time to renew.  Vision has never been my problem.

And some of us have lots of vision but can’t get it off the ground.  Somehow we think our dreaming about it will be enough to let it take flight.  Wrong.  Dreaming is but one component – without the doing our dreams are pretty much grounded.

And some of us are taking action all-over-the place, but it’s not focused.  There’s no discipline.   No strategy.  It’s like throwing paint at a canvas (and while that worked for Jackson Pollack, I wouldn’t count on it helping you much).  This is my greatest challenge.

I’m busy doing all the time.  But it’s staying focused on the right activities consistently, again, and again, and again that throws me off.  I’ve usually got the attention span for one “again”, but then I tend to get impatient or distracted and move on.

So when I picked up this blogging thing (again), I committed to myself – 5 days/week.  It’s amazing how many people give me permission to not keep my agreement to myself.  “You don’t have to do it 5 days a week.  It’s okay to skip a day.  Three days is fine.”  And I know that they’ve got my best interests in mind.  And I know that in the past I would have leapt at the opportunity to justify a reason to stop.   Just this once.  (Ha!)

But I’ve got a really big vision.  And I want to become the person it will make of me.  I think that would be pretty cool.

Today, allow yourself to dream the bigger dream and set out on an active path toward achieving it – a disciplined path.   Because of the person it will make of you.  You’re worth it.


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