We’re Better Than We Know

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bigstock-Man-on-top-of-mountain-Concep-18659234Here’s what I know to be true:   Most of us are better than we know.

I’ve met thousands of people who just don’t know how amazing and powerful they are.  KC Griffin’s story is a beautiful example (thanks, KC!).   When we don’t feel truly powerful, we do all sorts of weird things.   Some of us hold ourselves back, some of us over-compensate.  But it’s all the same thing.  Talk about “weird things”…I’m often amazed at myself at the fact that I can sometimes hold back and overcompensate at the same time!  Surely there must be a special talent in that!

Today let’s band together with the aim of bringing our most amazing and powerful selves to the world and supporting others to do the same.  Imagine what would be possible…  Imagine the cool things we could do and the fun we could have!  If we had nothing to prove, and could focus all our attention on making an extraordinary impact outside ourselves, what would be possible?

For real.

Kinda neat to think about it, isn’t it?


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