Overcoming Blah

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sad puppyI swear I’m solar powered.  That worked well for me when I lived in Tucson and Dallas, but I have to say, on rainy days in NY, like today, not so much.  I feel fatigued, and uninspired, and well…blah.  But the world doesn’t stop, just because I feel blah.  My to-do list doesn’t go away.  My client’s needs don’t evaporate.  And sitting with a bag of fattening carbohydrates and chocolate will likely do nothing more than make me feel disgusting afterward.  In the words of Elenore Roosevelt, I must “do the thing I cannot do” and find a way to reignite my inertia.

We all have days like this.  Even the most positive-minded person has days they feel…blah.  The thing is, when you’re in a position of influence, your “blah” can have a devastating ripple effect.  When people look to you to lead them, to encourage and affirm them, and to model the kind of energy and passion you expect them to bring, you don’t get a day off.  Is it fair?  No.  But that’s what’s real.

One of the great things about being clear about what drives me – about knowing my Super Objective – is that putting it into action is the fastest way for me to cure the blahs.  Your Super Objective is essentially your purpose – activated.  It is the impact you want to have outside yourself.

Now the irony is, when we feel blah, our knee-jerk focus is typically not on others – it’s on ourselves.  We naturally look to what is going to make us feel better.  Some of us reach into the fridge, some of us surf the internet, some of us hang around a colleague’s cube hoping they’ll ask us what’s wrong, some of us bury ourselves in work, some of us spend money, some of have one too many adult beverages, some of us work-out till we drop.  The list goes on.  We have mastered coming up with strategies to feel better.  The problem is, few of them really work.

So I’ve come to realize that I cannot trust my instincts when I feel blah – because my instincts will lead me to eat the foods I’ve purchased for my eight year old who weighs 55 lbs, instead of the carrot sticks I bought for me.  I’ve learned that my only antidote to the blahs is to over-ride my impulses and to take action around my Super Objective.

Kimberly’s Super Objective:  To connect people to the best of who they are.

So this morning, after about 15 minutes of feeling blah, I got busy doing what I was put on the planet to do.  And you know what?  I’m feeling better!

I don’t know what it is that drives you personally, but I do know that you have the ability to have an extraordinary impact on the people around you – one that only you can make.  Even when you feel, you know, blah.

What is the impact you want to have outside yourself?

Focus your attention on that and you too can overcome!


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