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Super Objective Spotlight (Featuring Brenda Harkins) -

Super Objective Spotlight (Featuring Brenda Harkins)

Posted by on Jul 31, 2013 | 3 Comments

bigstock_Stage_Light_Beam_8091319When Onstage Leadership was recommended to me, I chose to sign up because of the respect I have for the friend who suggested it.  I had no idea, however, the impact it would have on me both personally and professionally.

For anyone familiar with Simon Sinek’s “golden circle”, I had been searching, and frustrated, with unsuccessful attempts to find my “why.”  I could tell you “what” I did and “how” I did it, but nailing with accuracy the “why” of it all eluded me.  Finding my “super objective” during the Onstage workshop was the catalyst for finding my “why.”  Since going through Onstage Leadership I am moving forward in ways I know I never would have without this experience.

Here is some background.  In addition to an earlier career working with children with learning differences, I am a long time strengths/relationship coach, mediator and minister. I am a CoreClarity Facilitator.  And I am President of Transform International and Co-founder of a non profit ministry.  I have worked with individuals and couples, helping them overcome obstacles and move forward in their full potential, for decades.  I have mediated conflicts almost as long.  And I love, love, love ministering with people in third world countries who are not spoiled by materialism, but truly value the things that matter most.  Like love.  Compassion.  Justice.

About five years ago doors began opening for me to do some work with individuals and teams in the corporate world, which was completely foreign to me.  To be honest I was somewhat intimidated by it.  (Send me to India, but not Wall Street!)

Shortly after going through the Onstage workshop I had an international engagement which was my first that did not involve ministry.  It was all business.  And it was the biggest stretch in my professional journey.  At a point where I was feeling completely overwhelmed and questioning the wisdom in my being there, I remembered my super objective:  “Courageously Ignite Destinies.”  And I knew why I was there!  It wasn’t about my business acumen…or my knowledge…or my expertise.  It was about the people.  I was there to ignite their destinies…as people…as teams…as an organization.  And the courage rose up to move past the fear and self doubt because I saw what was greater than my fear.  Their destinies!  All it took was a reminder of my newly discovered “super objective”, and the course of the entire day was changed.  I believe the courses of many lives were changed.  And the reports I have received indicate the course of an organization is changing.  Now that excites me!

I review the Onstage Leadership information often and it continues to affirm, as well as redirect, the journey I am on.  My super objective gives me courage to go after what frightens me, and because of that doors continue to open that would likely otherwise  remain shut.  I am so grateful to Kimberly and Onstage Leadership for the passionate probing and challenging questions that affirmed what I knew to an extent about myself, but didn’t have the clarity needed to put words to so that it could resonate deep down inside.  I now have that clarity.  What once eluded me now clearly drives me…and motivates others to discover their unique purpose and value…their “why”…their “super objective.”  Their destinies.  And the momentum continues to build.

Having received so much from Onstage Leadership, I decided to pass it on.  I recently sent my entire board of directors through the workshop as well!  With each board member having the kind of clarity I received, I expect we will have a more far reaching effect…personally and corporately… than any of us ever dreamed.

Here’s hoping that you are experiencing the richness that comes from identifying and living from your super objective, as well!  I look forward to hearing your stories!


  1. David Lewis
    August 1, 2013

    Extraordinary Post
    Thanks Brenda
    You are one amazing leader and friend

  2. Kimberly
    August 1, 2013

    It was an amazing day, having you two in session together. Truly a gift of a lifetime!

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