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Getting present for yourself -

Getting present for yourself

Posted by on Jul 25, 2013 | No Comments

butterflyI’m glad I was watching.  Perched on the sidewalk in front of me this morning was the most glorious butterfly – totally vulnerable and unaware of how close he came to meeting his maker.  Normally I’m walking with purpose, not paying much attention to anything but my thoughts.  But this morning I thought I’d try something new.  My husband has gotten into Instagram, and chided me last night for not posting anything (or “liking” his new photos).  Gads…so much to post!  Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and now Instagram too?!

So this morning, I brought a different intention to my walk – to get present to the world around me and really see.  (With the side-benefit of hushing him up when I post stunning pictures!)  What I became aware of, was what a struggle this was.  To be present.  Just for me.  It made me realize that I keep my mind going a million miles an hour all the time, and while I may slow it down to get present for others – so they feel seen – I rarely do that for myself – so I can really see.  Hmmmm….

It reminded me of a TED Talk I watched once (which I thought a lot about but sadly never did anything about).  What if we thought about mindful meditation like it were exercise for our mind?  Silencing the constant brain-chatter could be like the daily tidying up you do around the house and the office – it’s a re-set.  If it’s clear, you can see.

I’m going to give this 10-minutes-a-day thing a whirl and I invite you to join me.  Would love to compare notes.

I find it interesting how I tend to do things for others that I don’t do for myself.  Do any of you do that?  Until today, I didn’t realize that getting present was one of them.  I’m glad I discovered that!

I suspect the butterfly is too!


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