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Super Objective Spotlight (Featuring Stew Carson) -

Super Objective Spotlight (Featuring Stew Carson)

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bigstock_Stage_Light_Beam_8091319Thanks to Kimberly and Onstage for the opportunity to kick off the Super Objective Spotlight series!

I chuckle sometimes— when I stop to think of how meaningful my Onstage experience has been in my day-to-day life—that I almost didn’t attend Onstage at all (but that’s another story).

Anyone who knows me understands what the game of hockey means to me. It’s a part of my DNA, my soul, and it’s an ‘arena’ (I’m sorry, I had to) where I spend a lot of time contributing, helping young kids get the most out of their personal and hockey development at a highly competitive level.

So, how has my Onstage Super Objective (SO) helped me, practically speaking, deliver my best in this endeavor that means so much to me?

When it comes to coaching young folks, my SO has provided me a ‘steel rod’ that I can always come back to, a kind of values-driven compass that keeps me on track when it comes to the day-to-day of coaching a team—a team of adolescents (strangely, dealing with fifteen 14-year-olds four times a week can sometimes elicit frustration).

I’ve written the letters “ITV” on the handle of my stick, which I can glance at anytime during practice. These letters make up an acronym for my SO- Inspire, Teach, Lead With Value. I look at this whenever said frustration kicks in, or things might not be working out the way I’d planned (that never happens, right Coach?), to remind me of what I stand for, to ensure I “walk the talk” and deliver my best to the kids. It centers me.

If I’m at my best, I can then help the players realize their best.

There are occasions, such as before a game, where I may pick one of part of my SO to use. One game may see me use the ‘Inspire’ portion to charge up the team, while prior to a different contest I may use the opportunity to offer a ‘Teaching’ moment.

Recruiting and retention are other key aspects of the amateur hockey world. When I speak with scrutinizing parents each off-season about why they should choose our association, My SO helps me meaningfully (and quickly) connect with parents on a whole different level.

When parents hear my personal and coaching philosophy…..sorry, let me rephrase that, when they hear I HAVE a philosophy and it’s well thought out, it really opens them up to hearing what kind of benefits we can deliver their son’s development, both on the ice and in life. The walls come down, the questions start flowing, and a relationship begins to build, all key pieces to gaining their trust.

I have a business-type card I give parents that is emblazoned with “Inspire. Teach. Lead With Value. The Philosophy for All Things (Coach) Stew”. Not only is it a valuable marketing tool, it also makes sure, yet again, I walk the talk. I keep a card, laminated for my own use, that I can glance at before games and practices to remind me of what I stand for as well.

In a practical sense, my Super Objective has really helped me not only communicate and market value, it’s also offered the benefit of a personal check-and-balance on how consistently I’m delivering value.

This is just one example, one area of my life, where Onstage has helped me become better. My SO has also played a significant role in helping me build my voice over business as well.

I appreciate the opportunity to share the practical application of my Super Objective and look forward to hearing from others in the Super Objective Spotlight!”

Rock on


Inspire. Teach. Lead With Value
The Philosophy for All Things “Stew”

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